It Just Has To Be Delicious


Pancake with honey, cream, strawberries and blueberries.

Welcome to my blog!

It’s mainly going to be about food, about food that I cook, food that I eat in restaurants and cafes, and food that I have eaten around the world that I love and want to replicate.

I live in Perth, Western Australia, and Perth has lots of good restaurants – it just takes a bit of research to find the really excellent ones. I plan to include a list of my top ten Perth food spots – it might turn into a top fifty !

My philosophy on food is simple – it has to be delicious. If you are going to eat something, it should be good and tasty and nourishing – not boring and dull – we spend a lot of our lives eating, so it should always be the most pleasurable experience it can be. I don’t care if it is a complex cheffy dish with multiple flavour combinations, or a simple cheese and onion toastie – it has to be good and it has to be delicious, or I don’t want it.

I have researched all of my dishes with care – I have searched Perth for the best coffee, the best cakes, the best burgers, the best high tea, the best curry, the best breakfast, the best vietnamese soup, the best dim sum etc.

In my blog I will be bringing you the results of my research. I would love you to try the places that I love and see if you agree, and I would love your feedback so that I can try new places that you love. I will also be sharing recipes of my favourite dishes. If there is a dish that I miss from England or elsewhere e.g. Pizza Express Pollo ad Astra or Hornchurch Charcoal Grill Kofta Kebabs I will try my best to recreate it in my own kitchen – this usually takes a bit of experimentation, which is fun, and there is nothing quite like getting the recipe just right and bringing back those memories of good food, good company and laughter.

So there we are – this is my blog – I hope you like it. No…. actually, I hope you love it, and I hope you find new deliciousness that changes your food choices for the better.

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