It Just Has To Be Delicious

If you are ever in Sydney I highly recommend a visit to Mamak. I noticed it because every night there was a huge queue of people outside, and let’s be honest if a restaurant attracts a queue then it has to be a good one. As you queue up you can watch the chefs making fresh roti, which keeps you entertained while you wait.

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It’s a fairly big restaurant, cafe style, we queued for about 20 minutes before we secured a table. The food didn’t disappoint – it reminded me so much of the food that I have eaten in Malaysia.

We chose four classic dishes. The chicken satay was tender and delicious and as authentic as you will get anywhere.

Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay

The roti bawang – roti filled with onion, was fresh off the griddle and tasted delicious. It was served with two curry dips and a sambal. We also used it to mop up our main curry dish.

Roti Bawang

Roti Bawang

The nasi goreng – again a classic very well executed – Malaysain special fried rice, good enough to be eaten as a dish on it’s own.

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng

We also had Kari Ayam – the classic Malay chicken curry with potatoes. Another well-executed, authentic, flavoursome dish.

Kari Ayam

Kari Ayam

I really really like this place and I would happily queue up again for  table. The food is relatively cheap and very tasty – well worth it. I would have liked to try a dessert roti – yes they make rotis with banana or coconut/pandan, but I was too full from the main course. Maybe next time.

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