It Just Has To Be Delicious

Jade is a restaurant that I have been to twice before. I like it because it serves first class Chinese food and has a variety of good value, good quality set menus. Even though the menus say minimum 2 persons, the restaurant often allow you to choose different options even if there are only two of you dining.

The setting is within the grand Fullerton Hotel, a colonial, classic and beautiful building. The restaurant is stylish and sophisticated.

We chose the Nostalgic Flavours menu which was delicious throughout.

The three starters were Poached Fragrant Turmeric Chicken – subtle and tasty, Crispy Prawn coated with Chocolate Mayonnaise and Oatmeal – quirky but it worked, and Crispy Roast Pork Belly – classic and well executed.


The next course was Spicy and Sour White Pepper Seafood soup – lovely rich flavours that worked well together with a slice of silken tofu on top.


Next came Steamed Chilean Seabass served on a lotus leaf. For me this was the star of the menu, beautifully cooked and very satisfying.


This was followed by Stewed Pork Ribs in Honey and Fermented Bean Sauce, beautiful ribs that fell away from the bone, tender meat and excellent flavour.


This was followed by Wok Fried 5 grain rice with Roasted Duck, Kailan and XO Chilli Sauce. Unfortunately my photo failed, but this dish was a fitting and tasty end to the savoury courses.

Our dessert was Shaved Coffee flavoured Coconut Ice with Caramel Jelly and Honey and Avocado puree. A wonderful and not overly sweet finish where the flavours danced on my tongue.


What a nice well-rounded meal at Jade. This place is always a Singapore favourite and one that I will visit again and again.

Click here for more info about Jade.

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