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Mrs S, Highgate

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I’ve heard so much about Mrs S, and now that a new branch has opened up in Beaufort Street, I thought it might be worth a try for Sunday brunch.

As you walk in, it’s a typically quirky cafe with wooden chairs and tables, rough brick walls, and menus pegged to children’s reading books.


I liked the idea of a house made iced tea, but unfortunately the Earl Grey version was unavailable. I tried the Persian Love instead. this was very heavy on the hibiscus and a little fruity. Sugar syrup was supplied and I added about half of the syrup.


The menu had some options that caught my eye like the cornbread with eggs and bacon, and the meatballs, but I went for the pulled pork bagel with caramelized white onion, avocado, poached egg, green leaves and hollandaise.


This is how it arrived with the poached egg and hollandaise on top, which made it impractical to eat in the usual way with hands, so I tucked in with my knife and fork. The first few mouthfuls were okay, but the overpowering star anise flavour on the pork was too much. The poached egg was very nicely done, but the avocado was almost non existent – just a mere smear on the top bun, and the onion was likewise with just a few pieces on the bottom bun. The pork however, was very generous. I would have much preferred less pork, a nice scoop of caramelised onions, and a few fresh slices of avocado, with the egg on the side. Unfortunately the filling made the bagel quite soggy, which is a shame because it looked like it was originally a quality bagel, and a smear of mayo or butter would have kept this from happening. Being so pork-heavy and strongly spiced with anise, I became bored with it and couldn’t finish the plate – so this is how I left it :


All in all, a bit of a waste of $22.50. Maybe there are other dishes that Mrs S does well, but the pulled pork bagel is not one of them, and I probably won’t waste my money there again.

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