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Goong is in a great location at Majestic Quay on East Perth’s riverside. It’s a Korean BBQ restaurant where the food is cooked at a barbecue which is an integral part of the table.

The staff are great and explain the menu in detail – which consists of set meals for two, BBQ sets for one and various a la carte options. There is also a nice drinks menu which contains wine, spirits, and soft drinks like aloe vera.

We chose the beef set, which usually contains beef short ribs, but on our visit they had been substituted with spicy beef.

Our BBQ was lit, and we were ready to go!


We were presented with some pickles and dips. The pickles can be eaten as an entree or combined with the BBQ meats. Pickles included onion, kimchi and beansprouts.



We were also given a small salad and a steamed egg called gyeran-jjim. The salad had a beautiful spice paste dressing and the egg was light and delicate, flavoured with spring onion.



The waitress served a spicy soup with zucchini and fermented soya bean paste called dwenjang-jjigae. Nice and warming.


One of my favourite dishes was the Korean glass noodle salad called japchae. Such beautiful flavours in a cold dish with slivers of egg,mushroom and carrot, and a marinade including dark soy, rice wine and sesame.


The waitress started the BBQ with vegetables, pumpkin, mushroom, white onions and spring onion. Then she added the fattier cuts of beef brisket – chadolbagi – to give a nice flavour to the BBQ as the fat rendered down.


Then came the traditional bulgogi wafer thin marinaded beef followed by the spicy beef. The beef was beautifully tender, and the waitress showed us how to wrap it in lettuce leaves and add rice, noodles, salad and other accompaniments to make a nice lettuce wrap. We were also given rice, which was great to soak up the meat juices and sauces.



All in all our beef set was a good meal with lots of variety, and it all felt very healthy too. A Korean BBQ set is a great introduction to Korean cuisine and Goong certainly provides great food. Next time I’d like to try the crunchy chicken wings – we saw another table order them and they looked insanely good.

Click here to find out more about Goong.

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