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Satsuki, Subiaco

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Update 2020 : After a recent visit we found that Satsuki have a much reduced menu and appear to have changed management. There are no scallops nanban, or nigiri on the menu, although the signature tuna tataki is still there. We found the dishes to be equally good in appearance, but  somewhat lacking in flavour – not quite the finesse that this restaurant used to exude.

Previous review:

I love Satsuki, it is always consistently good. The menu is designed for sharing – tapas style, high quality, and not the standard Japanese fare. To have a reasonable sized dinner, I would recommend 6 dishes between two people. I would say that Satsuki’s signature dish is the spicy tuna tataki, which is always delicious. The menu has had a makeover in recent years, and we return again and again.

sat 8
Here are some of our favourite dishes:

Tuna Tataki:

sat 12

Yuzu Chuhai (a wonderful drink made with Japanese shochu and yuzu):
sat 1

Miso Soup:

Sea pollock with some tempura beans and an agedashi broth – lovely rich agedashi and fresh fish:
sat 13

Beautifully prepared duck with fried leek and salted onion, and very helpfully divided into two portions with a nitsume sauce reduction (eel broth, mirin, soy, and sugar):
sat 14

Scallop Nanban (this dish is amazing):
sat 15

Eggplant Dengaku:
sat 16

Chicken breast wrapped in nori (seaweed) and tempura batter, served with ume plum sauce and a ponzu dip:
sat 5

Egg yolk tempura, lotus roots and bacon salad:
sat 6

Duck and Wagyu beef:
sat 7

sat 1a

sat 2a

Sashimi Salad with tempura ginger:
sat 4a

Beef Nitsuke with braised daikon radish:
sat 5a

Chirashi sushi:
sat 6a

Mixed Nigiri:

Last Visit Date – Nov 2020

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