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Gluten free, dairy free recipes

Wow, I am really happy right now. Earlier this week I ordered some books called ‘Cut out the crap’. They arrived today and are full of wonderful recipes. With my huge list of intolerances, it was a pleasant surprise to see that I can make approx 95% of the recipes, and they all look so appealing. It is so hard to find good gluten free and dairy free treats and desserts, but there is an excellent basic cake recipe, and also a recipe for cherry bakewells that I can’t wait to try.

I also ordered the kids book, and have found that it is full of appealing recipes that will help me to make suitable packed lunches for myself.

If anybody else is interested in reading these books, they can be purchased online from the Cut out the Crap website – they are written by a lady called Collette White. Collette has also answered some of my queries via e-mail – she is an absolute inspiration.

Thank you Collette!

Amazing books

Amazing books

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