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Food Intolerances

Hi everybody. Sorry that my blog has been a bit quiet lately. Firstly, I have had visitors staying for the last 3 weeks, and secondly, I have had some news that has turned my diet upside down – I am intolerant of cow’s milk.

I first noticed a few years ago that ‘normal’ cow’s milk made my skin a bit dry, so I switched to soy milk for my cereal, but I didn’t worry too much about it, and if I went out I still ate cream and ice cream and other dairy products. However, I have always had sinus problems which were made a lot worse this year by a nasty sinus and lung infection and I started to wonder if there might be a particular food which affected my sinuses. I dithered over paying for a food intolerance test, and when my tax rebate came through, I decided to go for it. I used Imupro, which tests almost 300 different food types. I eat absolutely anything, with no obvious ill effects, so I wasn’t really expecting more than a few intolerances.

The results come back in 4 categories of intolerance, ranging from 1 (mild) to 4 (severe), and I have a total of 72 intolerances.

The good news is that I have no intolerances to fish or shellfish whatsoever, and I am ok with most meat although I have a mild (category 1 ) intolerance to chicken.

I have a severe intolerance to cow’s milk, guar flour (or gum) and quail’s eggs.

I had another 13 foods in category 3 with some surprises such as carrot, kiwi, pineapple, ricotta, mandarin, red cabbage, radish, oats and leek.

I also found that I have a category 2 intolerance to gluten containing cereals, but I am ok with maize and corn.

I have therefore decided to completely eliminate my category 3 and 4 foods from my diet, as I figured that 19 foods to remove would be easier to deal with than 72, and with the others, I am just aware that they are a problem, so I am only eating them in minimal quantities.

My biggest challenge now is to find replacements for dairy products that I usually eat which contain cow’s milk. I have decided to try rice milk for my cereal (which will now be cornflakes with strawberries), I have found Nuttelex a good butter substitute, but I haven’t yet found an alternative for cream, yoghurt and ice cream.

The problem with yoghurts and ice creams is that most of them, even if they are dairy free contain guar (E412) as a thickening agent or a smoothing agent to avoid ice crystals. So it looks like I might have to make my own sorbets and ice creams so that I know exactly what goes into them. It is going to be tough – but it’s a challenge that I find interesting, so look out for some quirky recipes in the future where I work out how to make chocolate mousse, tiramisu, bread and butter pudding etc all within the confines of my new regime.

The motto is still that ‘It just has to be delicious’, but now it has to be delicious and good for me too, and the good news is that my breathing is the best that it has been in ages. My recipes will still show you how to make good food using dairy products, but I will include my optional milk-free variations too. It’s going to be interesting….

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