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Satsuki, Subiaco (revisited)

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I have blogged about Satsuki before, but this is the first time that I have written about the newly refurbished restaurant. The large overbearing sushi counter is gone, leaving more room for tables, and a tatami room. The outdoor area has been floored and is more part of the main restaurant, than a courtyard (which used to get quite chilly in winter).


We perused the menu, glad to see that our favourites were still there – scallop nanban and their signature tuna tataki. The presentation is slightly different but the tastes are still there.

Yuzu chu-hai is always a winner, but it’s alcoholic so you have to be careful not to have too many. The punch of yuzu flavour is incredibly good.


The miso soup served here is always exquisite, rich and nourishing.

The first dish to arrive was tuna tataki, as good as ever with great quality raw tuna, daikon, and spring onion.


Then we ordered one of the specials – sea pollock with some tempura beans and an agedashi broth – lovely rich agedashi and fresh fish.


Our next item was duck and potato which is very similar to a duck and aubergine dish that we have had before at Ha-Lu (the sister restaurant). Beautifully prepared duck with fried leek and salted onion, and very helpfully divided into two portions with a nitsume sauce reduction (eel broth, mirin, soy, and sugar).


Then came the scallop nanban, scallops in a light batter, fried with crispy lotus root and tobiko, and a smattering of chilli powder. One of our absolute favourites – the scallops are so fresh and meaty.


The last dish to arrive was aubergine dengaku. A roast aubergine half topped with a sweet miso and minced teriyaki chicken paste. This is another good nourishing dish with lots of flavour and thoughtful preparation.


I still rate Satsuki as a great Japanese restaurant, and definitely somewhere to go if you want more than the regular sushi train offerings. My only gripe is that they serve the food quite quickly – for all the thought that goes into the dishes, there is no consideration of how to pace a meal, giving the diners a chance to digest a dish and chat before the next dish arrives. If they can nail the service aspect, Satsuki will be hard to beat.

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Satsuki – Subiaco

I love Satsuki. It is the sister restaurant to Ha-Lu, and is always consistently good. The menu is not identical to Ha-Lu but the principle is the same – tapas style sharing plates of food, high quality, and not the standard Japanese fare. To have a reasonable sized dinner, I would recommend 6 dishes between two people.

I would say that Satsuki’s signature dish is the spicy tuna tataki, which is always delicious. The menu has had a recent makeover, and this time we had lots of new dishes to try. Here is a photo diary of our meal.

Yuzu chuhai

Yuzu chuhai

I always like to have a Yuzu chuhai – it is a Japanese alcoholic drink made with shochu (japanese spirit) and usually has jelly pieces in it. This one had no jelly but still tasted delicious.

Carpaccio of white fish, salmon and scallop

Carpaccio of white fish, salmon and scallop

The carpaccio was fresh and tasty, with an ume plum glaze and delicious caviar balls which burst in your mouth.

Spicy tuna tataki

Spicy tuna tataki

The signature dish, this is always a star with spring onion, daikon, sesame seeds and a hint of chilli.

Tori Tempura

Tori Tempura

This was a new dish – chicken breast wrapped in nori (seaweed) and tempura batter, served with ume plum sauce and a ponzu dip. Very very tasty.

Salmon and Sea Bass

Salmon and Sea Bass

The quality and freshness of the fish was amazingly good, served in a light sweet broth.

Egg yolk tempura, lotus roots and bacon salad

Egg yolk tempura, lotus roots and bacon salad

When you get this salad, you break open the tempura egg to coat the other pieces in the lovely egg yolk. It is a mouthful of contrasting textures, crispy lotus root slices, crispy salty bacon, soft leaves and the tempura egg. Yum.

Duck and Wagyu beef

Duck and Wagyu beef

This dish was very nice and well presented – 4 chunks of quality wagyu, served with slices of duck, wasabi, mustard, spring onion pickle. It is a little similar to the Ha-Lu signature dish of duck with aubergine and Madeira. Personally I think that the Ha-Lu dish is better – somehow the Madeira really makes the dish. This version was an interesting alternative.

So yet again, another delicious meal at Satsuki. The environment is quite good too, you can sit outside in the courtyard, inside, or at the sushi bar. It is well situated in the square near Subiaco station, so lots of bars and nightlife available nearby.

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