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Ka’ribbean Corner, Vic Park

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Karibbean Corner (or KC’s grill and chill) is one of just a few Caribbean restauranst in Perth, and this one is situated at the city end of Albany Highway. As soon as we walked in there was a feelgood vibe, it was fairly early on a Saturday evening and already had a few tables of customers hungrily tucking in.

The range of rums available made me instantly regret that I had to drive, but I was very satisfied with my ginger beer. It wasn’t too sweet, and was perfectly gingery.


We studied the menu and everything sounded great, so we plumped for two small plates and two mains, deciding to share everything. Even before the food arrived, the friendly waitress brought some hot sauce, warning us to go easy because it was very hot. She wasn’t wrong there, but although fiery hot, it was very tasty and beautifully blended, with a nice acidity to it.


Our first small plate was lentil fritters (Bonbon piment), really nicely spiced with warm spices and fried with a crispy surface. they were served with a spicy mayo sauce and a refreshing cucumber salad. The fritters were easy to eat, not too stodgy, a lovely light consistency.


The next small plate was filled with BBQ lamb ribs, beautifully cooked and falling off the bones, served with a wonderful Jamaican sauce and coleslaw.


I thought that they were meaty and excellent value for $15.

The first main was a goat curry. Oh yum. Rich with potatoes, carrots, peppers, and slow cooked oh so tender goat, which again fell off the bone and tasted amazing. Served with rice and peas.


The final main dish was spicy jerk chicken boucane (smoked) with creole salsa, slaw, rice and peas. Again a very nice dish, lovely tender chicken and a nicely flavoured coating.


We struggled to finish the huge amount of food on our table, but also couldn’t stop eating because it was all so delicious. We can’t wait to come back and try more of chef Ruddy Doutau’s Caribbean delights. He’s from Guadeloupe, a French region of the Caribbean and his menu features lots of favourites aswell as some interesting creole influenced burgers and a $39 all you can eat showcase option. This venue is bright and happy, with great artwork, and the music is also awesome. You can’t help but leave Ka’ribbean Corner feeling very satisfied.


Mahsuri Satay Restaurant – Victoria Park

UPDATE – Mahsuri is now permanently closed.

Mahsuri Satay Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I have been to Mahsuri before and it has always been reasonably good. It seems to be a friendly restaurant, always full of Malaysian families, and always fairly busy. The food is halal.

The speciality is the satay – at the back of the restaurant is a large indoor barbecue which is constantly on the go, processing satay sticks with production line efficiency.

Satay chef

Satay chef

We chose chicken and beef satay to start – the sauce is delicious and really authentic, the chicken sticks were really good and the beef were good but a little chewy for my liking. As always they were accompanied by compressed rice cubes, cucumber and onion.

Chicken and Beef satay sticks

Chicken and Beef satay sticks

Next we had murtabak, which is a thin bread style pancake filled with minced lamb and served with a curry sauce. This was authentic and very tasty.



For the main course we chose Eggplant Sambal, Prawn (udang) Curry and coconut rice.

Eggplant Sambal

Coconut Rice

Prawn curry

Prawn curry

The Eggplant sambal (Terong sambal) was very tasty – it is always a rich deep red curry and looks like it is going to be exceedingly hot with chilli, but it is not really that hot, just a nice rich flavour, and the eggplant is not overcooked, it still holds its shape.

The rice was lovely, but the prawn curry (kari udang) was disappointing considering that it was a house speciality. The curry sauce was thin and it tasted as if the spices were still raw in the sauce and had not been cooked long enough. I know that I can make better curries than this at home, and I really didn’t have more than a few spoonfuls so found this a waste of money.

I also had a soda gembira, which was a drink with rose syrup, condensed milk and lemonade – very nice and refreshing.

Soda gembira

Soda gembira

So will I go back to Mahsuri ? I’ll definitely go back for the satay and murtabak, maybe it is better as a lunch venue.

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