It Just Has To Be Delicious

We visited Heng’s on a recommendation from a work colleague. It’s a no frills Chinese restaurant in Edgewater, nestled in amongst the shops on Edgewater Drive.

heng 1

It was quite empty when we arrived, but soon filled up with local diners, and the phone rang non-stop for takeaway orders. We were given some very tasty prawn crackers to start.

heng 2

Our starters were prawn toasts and chicken satay. Both very flavoursome, and the prawn crackers arrived with the traditional red gloopy sweet and sour sauce.

heng 3

The satays were nicely marinated with a good curry peanut sauce.

heng 4

For mains we chose prawns with ginger and spring onion:

heng 5

Chicken with black bean and capsicum:

heng 6

Special fried rice:

heng 7

The rice had that lovely charred wok flavour, portions were generous, and the other dishes were pleasant to eat – standard Chinese restaurant fare.
I wouldn’t say the food was amazing, but if you want good, cheap Chinese food, this a reasonable local option.

Last Visit Date – April 2019

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