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Kailis, Leederville

Kailis has always been our ‘go to’ fish vendor. They always have such a great selection in the fish market, it’s fresh, great quality, and there are lots of extras around the store like roe, caviar, fishcakes etc. Next to the store is a cafe. and when I have looked at the menu before I thought it was expensive for fish and chips. However, we often dine here because it is so worth the money.

This is a relatively short post just to show a few dishes that we have had recently. Good old fish and chips – often it’s Spanish mackerel or snapper – always perfectly done with great chips.

I recently decided to go for something different so picked the lobster linguine with chilli, garlic and parsley. It really was one of the most perfect plates of pasta I have ever eaten. Just the right amount of sauce and really delicious.

Sue recommends.

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Little Cultures, Subiaco

lc 1

Little Cultures is a healthy superfood and dessert bar on Rokeby Road in the heart of Subiaco. If you are on a dairy free or paleo diet, there are plenty of options to choose from, and there is seating inside and on the pavement.
The menu consists of yoghurt bowls and smoothie bowls with all of the health freak ingredients like acai, goji berries and raw cacao. You can also order a smoothie to drink or for dessert a Hong Kong/Macao style egg waffle puff. The waffle puffs are a hexagon of bumpy puffy batter, dressed with all kinds of goodies like banana, strawberry and caramel.
You can also have the waffle puff folded into a cup and filled with ‘yolato’ or other goodies. Yolato is yoghurt gelato. I chose the strawberry fields waffle with coco yolato, nutella and whipped cream.

lc 2

My partner chose the popcorn cookie party – with cookie crumbs, caramel and chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, and caramel popcorn.

lc 3

Both were nice, I loved the eggy waffle, it was more interesting than a regular waffle. The yolato didn’t blow me a way, but the rest of the ingredients were good quality. After a while, I found the whole thing a bit sickly and it would have been nice to have a half serve. I would like to return to try some of the other offerings like the superfood bowls.

Visit Date – April 2018

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lc 4

Lily Paris, Fremantle

Lily Paris is a little coffee shop and patisserie just on the edge of Fremantle markets in South Terrace. They are only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, like the rest of the markets. Famous for their macarons, an array of beautifully presented cakes and macarons is on display.

lp 1

Lily Paris also provides savoury snacks, paninis and toasties.

lp 2
lp 3
lp 4

After much deliberation we chose two cakes to take away – a lemon meringue croughnut which the lady made up fresh and blow-torched right there and then, and a chocolate caramel tart.

lp 5

This was delicious, a lovely crispy croughnut with a tangy lemon curd filling and a soft meringue. Yum.

lp 6

The chocolate caramel had thin short pastry with a rich dark chocolate ganache, nice dark caramel which wasn’t too sweet, and delectable truffle balls all round with a crispy chocolate disc on top. Equally yum and a very grown up dessert.
When you are in Freo on the weekend, save your sweet treat for Lily Paris – you won’t be disappointed.

Visit Date – April 2018

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The Herdsman Market

The Herdsman is a grocery store which sells fine produce. It is quite a large store and has a good selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, oils, cheeses, fresh pasta, bakery goods, fresh meat, fresh fish, dairy produce. It has everything that you could possibly hope to find, especially if you are looking for unusual ingredients or planning a special dinner party.
It is located in Flynn St, Churchlands, not far from Herdsman Lake. If you like Boatshed Markets, you will love The Herdsman.
As you walk in, you are confronted with an array of fresh fruit and vegetables, I chose peaches and raspberries for a ‘peach melba scone’ recipe that I invented in my mind. I also chose a lovely butternut squash and some nice fresh basil and oregano. I haven’t seen fresh oregano in Perth before. The quality of the fruit and veg is clear.

herd 1

herd 2

herd 3

herd 4

herd 5

herd 6

There is also an array of ready prepared salads, pies and quiches to make it easy for busy customers. I chose a garden salad (which stayed fresh for quite a few days after  purchase), but was tempted by all of the other salads – Greek, Italian, Beetroot etc. There is also a selection of salads on the deli counter and colourful fresh fruit platters are available.

herd 7

herd 8

The condiment shelves are stacked with oils, sauces and dressings, and there is a section of fresh pasta and sauces which makes it very easy to prepare a quick midweek dinner. I chose the linguine and a puttanesca sauce.

herd 9

There are delicious chocolate mousses and desserts which are a feast for the eyes.

herd 10

A very comprehensive cheese selection containing over 400 cheeses and also great accompaniments. I like a cheese board with contrasting flavours and textures to go with the cheese such as honeycomb pieces, quince paste, fig paste, sour cherries, muscatel grapes. The Herdsman has everything that you need to create an impressive cheese platter – I was pleased to see my favourite Roquefort on the shelf as well as Brie,  Camembert, Cheddar, Stilton – all the great international classics alongside Australian cheeses.

herd 11

herd 12

The delicatessen section is amazing with fresh olives, pies, salads, and the fresh meat section supplies both marinated meats and fresh meat. Items included satay, curry, marinated ribs and chops, lamb souvlaki and honey soy chicken. The meats are sourced from quality local farmers and include a majority of free range organic options guaranteed to make your dinner party main course a success.

herd 13

herd 14

herd 15

herd 16

Sausages galore:

herd 17

The fresh fish counter had some beautiful raw tiger prawns which I chose along with a cooked blue swimmer crab. The fish all appeared to be fresh and the selection was excellent. I had an idea for a recipe, and the selection allowed me to adapt my recipe so that I could include the freshest of the ingredients. I was impressed with the fresh tuna, snapper, barramundi and emperor on display.

herd 18

herd 19

herd 20

herd 21

The bakery section has a stunning array of delicious cakes, pastries and breads, most of which are baked on the premises. I chose a gluten free olive and onion bread, but was very tempted by the muffins, brioche. croissants, cookies, scrolls and savouries that were  on display.

herd 22

herd 23

herd 24

herd 25

The Herdsman is one of those stores where I wanted to buy everything, the produce is good, fresh and inspiring. I could enter the store without any idea of a recipe and come out with everything that I needed to make a great dinner party standard dish. There is a very impressive selection of pre-prepared food to make life easier for time-challenged people, and the pre-prepared foods are of a high quality so that your ready meal can be nutritious as well as delicious. I love how everything that you need is together in one store – I do tend to travel from one shop to another to get the quality that I like – the Herdsman certainly eliminates the travelling time. In this blog I haven’t covered all of the products available here, there are also fresh flowers, good quality confectionery, baking products, spices, vinegars, oils, flowers – everything that you could need under one roof.
Will I be going back to the Herdsman regularly ? I certainly will, whether it is for
something special for entertaining, or something ‘ready to eat’ for convenience – this store has it all – selection, quality and taste.

Last Visit – August 2017

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Chu Bakery, Highgate

Chu Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Chu is a great place to pick up a cake for afternoon tea.

chu 1

It’s a small-ish takeaway bakery on William Street just opposite Hyde Park, and being a Sunday afternoon, I didn’t imagine that they would have a fully stocked cabinet, but it was lovely to see some exquisite options in there.

chu 2

Their signature choux puffs were available in raspberry and lychee flavour and matcha green tea and yuzu. Beautiful eclairs in burnt honey and praline flavours, and wonderful slices of vanilla and orange, and chocolate mousse.
The doughnuts also looked incredibly good. Salted caramel, boston cream with chocolate, cinnamon, and lemon. Then also a wonderful array of savouries and toasties.

chu 3

We were there for the cakes though, and after much deliberation I chose a burnt honey cream eclair. The choux pastry was perfect with a generous filling of honey cream and a beautiful glossy chocolate ganache icing. Total yum.

chu 4

My partner chose the vanilla and orange slice. A layer of moist orange and almond cake with a beautiful marmalade-y flavour, topped with a light and creamy vanilla mousse. Again the verdict was yum.

chu 5

If you are ever in Highgate, pop into Chu. It’s a little expensive but very very worth it.

Further pictures from Chu – delicious kaya croissants:
chu 6

chu 7
chu 8
chu 9

Last Visit – July 2019

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Tutti Frutti, East Victoria Park

Tutti Frutti Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

If you want a dessert, Tutti Frutti is a frozen yoghurt bar with some interesting flavours and a toppings bar that will please children and adults alike. What you have to do is choose an appropriate size cup – strangely they didn’t have any small – they all seemed to be large or ginormous !

tutti 1

Then you go to the dispensers at the wall and choose your froyo flavours. I chose coconut and strawberry, but there were plenty of other flavours like green tea, soy peanut butter, salted caramel, berries, chocolate, vanilla, lychee etc.
Next you choose toppings and sauces from the toppings bar where you can choose honeycomb, cookie dough, fruits, jazzies, jellies etc.

tutti 2
tutti 3

Then you get the resulting sundae weighed and end up paying about $11 for it !
No wonder they don’t have small cups. The sundaes were very enjoyable, and it’s a nice dessert option, especially a favourite with children because they can design their own dessert.

tutti 4
tutti 5

Visit Date – November 2017

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Chatime, Karawara

Chatime Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Chatime is one of several outlets now selling bubble tea in Perth. Bubble tea has really taken off in a big way – you get to choose green or black tea, milk or non-milk, fruit options and then jelly or popping pearls to add another dimension of flavour. The combinations are endless. The tea is then sealed in the contained and you pop your straw in and suck up the jelly pieces with the drink.
Chatime also offers a mousse topping, something that I hadn’t seen at other outlets. I chose grapefruit green tea with coconut jelly and mousse.
Unfortunately I knocked it over and it went everywhere, all over the table and floor! However the lovely man serving gave me a free replacement tea and he cleared up the horrible mess that I made. I was so embarrassed.
After all of the kerfuffle, I loved my bubble tea – Chatime is a good option, and the staff are great.

Visit Date – April 2019

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