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Lily Paris, Fremantle

Lily Paris is a little coffee shop and patisserie just on the edge of Fremantle markets in South Terrace. They are only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, like the rest of the markets. Famous for their macarons, an array of beautifully presented cakes and macarons is on display.

lp 1

Lily Paris also provides savoury snacks, paninis and toasties.

lp 2
lp 3
lp 4

After much deliberation we chose two cakes to take away – a lemon meringue croughnut which the lady made up fresh and blow-torched right there and then, and a chocolate caramel tart.

lp 5

This was delicious, a lovely crispy croughnut with a tangy lemon curd filling and a soft meringue. Yum.

lp 6

The chocolate caramel had thin short pastry with a rich dark chocolate ganache, nice dark caramel which wasn’t too sweet, and delectable truffle balls all round with a crispy chocolate disc on top. Equally yum and a very grown up dessert.
When you are in Freo on the weekend, save your sweet treat for Lily Paris – you won’t be disappointed.

Visit Date – April 2018

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Le Papillon, Joondalup

pap 4

We popped into Le Papillon for a quick coffee and pastry. This cafe is on Lakeside Drive in Joondalup and has seating inside and out. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that they have freshly ground decaf beans (so many cafes just use decaf powder, which is never very good). I asked for almond croissants, and they didn’t have any ready, but the nice lady said she would have some freshly made in ten minutes.

We settled down at a table by the window and sipped on our lovely smooth coffee.

pap 5

A short while later our croissants arrived and they were definitely worth the wait – crispy with just the right amount of almond paste filling.

pap 6

Le Papillon is definitely one of the better local patisseries and the customer service is great – a cafe run by people who know how to please the crowds.

Last Visit Date – June 2020

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We went back recently to try some cakes for afternoon tea:
Key Lime tart:
pap 22

Lemon Meringue tart:
pap 21

pap 2
pap 1
pap 3

Pan Pacific Marketplace, Singapore SG

Pacific Marketplace Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The Pacific Marketplace is an eatery on the ground floor of the Pan Pacific Hotel, Marina Bay. Hotels are notoriously expensive for dining, but the Pacific Marketplace is a way to dine at a more reasonable price without breaking the bank.
Offering a variety of local and international dishes, the cafe also serves high tea and has a wonderful patisserie. During our stay we tried the patisserie on a few occasions and were very happy with the standard and presentation of cakes.
Chocolate fudge cake, carrot cake, banana cheesecake, black forest gateau, key lime tart:

ppm 1

Salted caramel eclair, manjari cafe(coffee) gateau, matcha lychee gateau, gula melaka:

ppm 2

Fruit danish:

ppm 3


ppm 4

Strawberry cake and blueberry cheesecake:

ppm 5

Ivory raspberry:

ppm 6

These are the cakes that we tried:
Salted caramel eclair – wonderfully smooth caramel filling where the salt flavour came through, beautifully tempered chocolate and dreamy ganache. Very very nice.

ppm 7

Chocolate fudge cake. A really lovely chocolate hit without being too sickly sweet.

ppm 8

Key lime tart. Beautifully presented and delicate. It could have taken a bit more lime flavour, but was still very good.

ppm 9

Carrot cake. Pleasant and good carrot flavour, but could have had a better cake to carrot ratio in the mix.

ppm 10

All in all, this is a beautiful top end patisserie, and I recommend Pacific marketplace for a stunning afternoon tea.

Last Visit Date – April 2019

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ppm 11

Sweet Spot, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore SG

sws 1

If you’re looking for a fine patisserie in Singapore, head for Sweet Spot located in the hotel lobby of tower 3 at the Marina Bay Sands hotel. You can’t miss the hotel – it’s in Marina Bay and dominates the skyline with its three towers and boat like structure at the top. It’s quite a nice idea to walk across the Helix Bridge and then visit the patisserie for some coffee and cake at the end of the walk.

sws 2

A vast array of breads, pastries, cakes, macarons and chocolates is on display in the neverending chilled cabinet and it is really hard to make a choice. The cakes are perfectly presented, and the Danish selection is innovative and tempting.

sws 3
sws 4
sws 5

The cafe serves coffee and tea, and the charismatic staff take care to ensure that your drink order is executed exactly as requested.
I chose a raspberry danish which was beautifully made, fresh and delicious.

sws 6

My partner chose an apple cinnamon bun – again very nicely spiced with great

sws 7

Sweet Spot is well worth a visit, well several visits, because it’s so very difficult to choose just one cake, and the quality of the goods is outstanding.

Last Visit Date – April 2019

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Le Bon Choix, Ascot, Brisbane, QLD

Le Bon Choix Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Racecourse Road in Ascot, Brisbane is foodie joy with several restaurants on this strip, there is bound to be something for everybody.
It is also the place where I found one of the best patisseries in Brisbane – Le Bon Choix.
With seating inside it is the perfect place to have an afternoon coffee and cake.
Every cake is tempting with both individual and (for most) full cake size versions and it is so hard to choose!

Bon Choix 4
Bon Choix 3
Bon Choix 5

My favourite Bon Choix treat is the salted caramel eclair – smooth and luscious,with a cripsy chocolate top – a very well constructed eclair.

Bon Choix

Another favourite was the gorgeous chocolate caramel pyramid.

Bon Choix 2

Bon Choix also make great pastries, almond croissants, and lovely savouries too.

Last Visit Date – October 2016

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Chu Bakery, Highgate

Chu Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Chu is a great place to pick up a cake for afternoon tea.

chu 1

It’s a small-ish takeaway bakery on William Street just opposite Hyde Park, and being a Sunday afternoon, I didn’t imagine that they would have a fully stocked cabinet, but it was lovely to see some exquisite options in there.

chu 2

Their signature choux puffs were available in raspberry and lychee flavour and matcha green tea and yuzu. Beautiful eclairs in burnt honey and praline flavours, and wonderful slices of vanilla and orange, and chocolate mousse.
The doughnuts also looked incredibly good. Salted caramel, boston cream with chocolate, cinnamon, and lemon. Then also a wonderful array of savouries and toasties.

chu 3

We were there for the cakes though, and after much deliberation I chose a burnt honey cream eclair. The choux pastry was perfect with a generous filling of honey cream and a beautiful glossy chocolate ganache icing. Total yum.

chu 4

My partner chose the vanilla and orange slice. A layer of moist orange and almond cake with a beautiful marmalade-y flavour, topped with a light and creamy vanilla mousse. Again the verdict was yum.

chu 5

If you are ever in Highgate, pop into Chu. It’s a little expensive but very very worth it.

Further pictures from Chu – delicious kaya croissants:
chu 6

chu 7
chu 8
chu 9

Last Visit – July 2019

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Maison St Honore, Caversham

Maison Saint-Honoré Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This delightful cafe with gardens is located on the site in Benara Road where Dear Friends used to be. Starting off with humble beginnings as one of Perth’s finest macaron chefs when the macaron craze began, I remember seeing Maison St Honore as a pop up at food fairs and farmers markets. Now they have their very own macaron factory and patisseris, and it doesn’t dissapoint.
It’s hard to choose from the stunning array of cakes and pastries.

Maison 1
Maison 2

Eventually, I settled on a mango mousse and my partner chose a gold chocolate bar. We ordered some teas and settled down at a tale inside. There are outside tables too, but it’s heading for winter and we chose warmth over scenery.

Maison 3
Maison 4

My mousse was nothing short of delicious. It has an almond biscuit base, strawberry jam, mango mousse, vanilla mousse and a sumptuous mango glaze with a sprinkling of dried raspberries.

Maison 5
Maison 6

The gold bar had an almond biscuit base, crunchy praline, chocolate mousse, and a dark chocolate and hazelnut coating, with an oozy caramel layer surprise in the middle. Both cakes were skilfully constructed and delicious, and the tea was good quality.

Maison 7

This is a lovely area of Perth – most perfect for tea and cake in the valley.

Maison 8

Visit Date – June 2019

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Choux, Swanbourne

Choux Café Pâtisserie Française Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Choux is famous for its macarons, and used to be managed by the celebrated French chef Emannuel Mollois before his sad passing from bone cancer in 2017. It had been a while since our last visit and we decided to pop in for some takeaway afternoon tea following a brunch at the beach.
As we arrived, the pastry chef was just transporting a huge and very delicious looking gateau to a client’s car – it looked amazingly good.
The cabinet was full of those signature macarons, but our eyes were drawn to the
wonderful perfect cakes.


They also have savouries and croissants.


After much deliberation we opted for the blueberry and lemon ‘Iris’. A wonderful slice with layers of zingy lemon curd and rich blueberry compote.

We also chose a Gianduja – hazelnut, chocolate and feuillantine (which adds a wafery crunch).

Both slices were beautifully presented, not overly sweet, thoughtfully constructed and textured, and an example of some of the best patisserie in Perth.
This place is highly recommended, if you choose to dine in, the atmosphere is a French country kitchen. Very nice and in a beautiful area.

Visit Date – August 2018

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