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Candlenut, Tanglin, Singapore

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Up on Dempsey Hill in Singapore, there’s a nice little hub of restaurants and a gourmet grocery store – it’s a really chilled place to spend an evening.

In amongst them is Candlenut, a one Michelin star establishment specialising in Peranakan cuisine. It’s a place that although sophisticated, feels comfortable – not too stuffy like some of the other cheffy restaurants.

We started with a glass of Chilean sauvignon blanc while we perused the menu.20190420_205410

We were also given some yummy crispy nibbles and dipping sauce:


It was really hard to choose with lots of tempting options like swimmer crab and chicken balls, crab curry, and beef rib rendang, but we eventually opted for ngoh hiang and pork neck satay to start.

The pork neck satay came first and it was sublime – there was so much flavour in the tender melting pork, and the satay sauce coating was perfect.


I did wonder how good ngoh hiang could be, but this version was amazingly good. The combination of pork, prawn, shiitake mushroom and water chestnut was just right, and I would have been in heaven with several plates of these and nothing else.


For mains we chose the chef’s mum’s chicken curry, “four heavenly kings”, and a king prawn gula melaka. Sorry the pictures are not great – the lighting was dim, and I must have been keen to eat!

The curry was lovely, warm, and rich with potato and kaffir lime, very nice with the brown rice that we ordered.



The four heavenly kings was a combination of eggplant, wing beans, okra and taro, garnished with crispy whitebait. Absolutely wonderful. I could have again eaten several plates of this dish – the perfect vegetable accompaniment.


The king prawn gula melaka was where curry meets dessert – a sweet coconut based curry with beautiful fresh prawns – again a perfect dish.


We didn’t have room for dessert, but this meal was every thing we could have wished for. When we are back in Singapore we will definitely return for more goodies in this sophisticated dining room. A great meal, great service and wonderful atmosphere.




TWG Tea on the Bridge, Singapore

TWG Tea on the Bridge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

TWG certainly know their teas, and this elegant establishment in the heart of the Shoppes Mall adjacent to Marina Bay Sands is a delightful way to while away a few hours sipping tea or having lunch. We have eaten dessert here before, but this time we just needed to rest our weary legs from shopping. As we sat and watched the dishes come out for other diners, every meal looked sublime, especially the crispy skinned fish.

It’s a place to be seen, locals dress up to dine here or have afternoon tea, and the wait staff look immaculate.

We were offered a range of menus – food, specials, and tea, as well as a tea catalogue to describe each tea on perfect detail. There are hundreds of teas on offer, and I chose an iced Apricot tea, where my partner chose a hot Kenilworth orange pekoe.



We also chose some macarons to nibble on – the dark one was a Napoleon tea and caramel, and the red one was a black tea and blackcurrant.


As you would expect, everything was perfectly presented and delicious. My apricot iced tea was served with a sugar syrup in a jug so that I could add as much as needed.  The apricot flavour was lovely and made for a really refreshing drink. The Kenilworth was clean and flavoursome. Macarons were made with care and the flavours really shone through.

TWG is synonymous with style and elegance, this is the perfect place for afternoon tea.

Click here to find out more.

Pacific Marketplace, Pan Pacific, Singapore

Pacific Marketplace Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The Pacific Marketplace is an eatery on the ground floor of the Pan Pacific Hotel, Marina Bay. Hotels are notoriously expensive for dining, but the Pacific Marketplace is a way to dine at a more reasonable price without breaking the bank.

Offering a variety of local and international dishes, the cafe also serves high tea and has a wonderful patisserie. During our stay we tried the patisserie on a few occasions and were very happy with the standard and presentation of cakes.

Chocolate fudge cake, carrot cake, banana cheesecake, black forest gateau, key lime tart:


Salted caramel eclair, manjari cafe(coffee) gateau, matcha lychee gateau, gula melaka:


Fruit danish:




Strawberry cake and blueberry cheesecake:


Ivory raspberry:


These are the cakes that we tried:

Salted caramel eclair – wonderfully smooth caramel filling where the salt flavour came through, beautifully tempered chocolate and dreamy ganache. Very very nice.


Chocolate fudge cake. A really lovely chocolate hit without being too sickly sweet.


Key lime tart. Beautifully presented and delicate. It could have taken a bit more lime flavour, but was still very good.


Carrot cake. Pleasant and good carrot flavour, but could have had a better cake to carrot ratio in the mix.


All in all, this is a beautiful top end patisserie, and I recommend Pacific marketplace for a stunning afternoon tea.

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Sweet Spot, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


If you’re looking for a fine patisserie in Singapore, head for Sweet Spot located in the hotel lobby of tower 3 at the Marina Bay Sands hotel. You can’t miss the hotel – it’s in Marina Bay and dominates the skyline with its three towers and boat like structure at the top. It’s quite a nice idea to walk across the Helix Bridge and then visit the patisserie for some coffee and cake at the end of the walk.


A vast array of breads, pastries, cakes, macarons and chocolates is on display in the never-ending chilled cabinet and it is really hard to make a choice. The cakes are perfectly presented, and the Danish selection is innovative and tempting.




The cafe serves coffee and tea, and the charismatic staff take care to ensure that your drink order is executed exactly as requested.

I chose a raspberry danish which was beautifully made, fresh and delicious.


My partner chose an apple cinnamon bun – again very nicely spiced with great dough/pastry.


Sweet Spot is well worth a visit, well several visits, because it’s so very difficult to choose just one cake, and the quality of the goods is outstanding.


Pan Pacific Hotel, Marina Bay, Singapore

This post is not really a recipe or a restaurant recommendation – it’s a suggestion of something brilliant to do.

If like me, you want to do something different for Christmas, or something special for a birthday, go to Singapore – don’t just stay in any hotel, stay in a nice hotel like the Pan Pacific, and then don’t just stay in a regular room, stay in a Pacific Room. Now before you gasp and say ‘too extravagant’, here are some reasons of how it can turn out to be both special and affordable.

1. Book in advance – you get the best flight deals this way, and join the airline loyalty scheme so that you can get some free flights or benefits later (even if you fly only once with a particular airline, you can sometimes reap the benefits – I flew once with Emirates and ended up with a $50 gift voucher). Join every free airline loyalty scheme going.

2. Join the hotel loyalty scheme too – in this case GHA Discovery. I joined the hotel scheme before booking – it was free – and then managed to get a special deal of 4 nights for the price of 3 – an immediate saving of hundreds of dollars.

3. With the money that you save by getting a free night – upgrade to a Pacific room. It’s well worth it. You get champagne breakfast included every day, either in the main restaurant, your room, or on the Pacific Club Floor. The Pacific Club Floor is circular – you get 360 degree views of Singapore, the staff know your name, and they can not do enough to help you. You can choose from the breakfast buffet or order anything you like. The breakfast buffet includes breads, pastries, dumplings, Japanese fish and noodles, hams, cheeses, yoghurts, cereals, freshly squeezed juices, and you can order cooked breakfast to your liking. The club rooms also include afternoon tea with sandwiches and cakes between 3pm and 5pm, and canapes and cocktails between 6pm and 8pm. Basically, you can fill up on the 3 complementary Pacific Club sessions, and then you don’t need to spend much on eating out – just some hawker food will usually suffice. The evening canapes are particularly nice and very cheffy, and usually include 4-6 different savouries with another 4 dessert options. The wait staff keep your glass topped up too, and it is quite easy to drink a whole bottle of champagne (Mumm Cordon Rouge) and a few Singapore Slings.

4. In addition to the complementary Pacific Floor dining options, all soft drinks in your room are included, as well as 2 laundry items per day, you get a Nespresso machine in the room, free wi-fi internet access, secretarial services, and a 24 hour butler service. Like me, you may be a little embarrassed to call on the butler, but they are perfectly happy to make restaurant reservations, unpack your case, run you a bath etc. The room will be serviced several times per day – so after your morning shower, you will be given fresh towels for the evening. The bath toiletries are Elemis, and the shower has a ‘side shower’ option as well as the normal ‘shower from above’ version. It really is very luxurious.

5. So by upgrading to a Pacific Room, you save lots of money on food and drinks. Marina Bay is fairly central to a lot of attractions like the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Esplanade, The Flyer, Orchard Road, and is walking distance to an MRT station.

Nespresso machine in pacific room

Nespresso machine in pacific room

View from the Pacific floor

View from the Pacific floor

Orchard Road Christmas lights

Orchard Road Christmas lights

Pan Pacific – Pacific Floor goodies:

Champagne at the Pacific floor

Champagne at the Pacific floor

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling

Chicken tikka ball with mint yoghurt sauce

Chicken tikka ball with mint yoghurt sauce

Spring rolls and spicy indian potato patty

Spring rolls and spicy indian potato patty

Oreo cheesecake, raspberry meringue, chocolate orange cake, blueberry tart

Oreo cheesecake, raspberry meringue, chocolate orange cake, blueberry tart

Papaya salad in shooter glass, spring rolls and salmon with caviar

Papaya salad in shooter glass, spring rolls and crispy pork

Panko prawn

Panko prawn

Soft shell crab

Soft shell crab

Pear and caramel tart, strawberry macaron, strawberry cheesecake, apricot tart

Pear and caramel tart, strawberry macaron, strawberry cheesecake, apricot tart

Salmon quiche, prawn with mango salsa, tuna on pumpernickel, scallop

Salmon quiche, prawn with mango salsa, tuna on pumpernickel, scallop

Prawn with mayo

Prawn with mayo, tuna on pumpernickel, fish ball with wasabi

Raspberry danish, chocolate danish, pain au chocolat

Raspberry danish, chocolate danish, pain au chocolat

Trout with wasabi, pork

Trout with wasabi, pork, tuna and sweetcorn tart

Other good food in Singapore:

Chocolate and peanut butter and peanut butter and jelly at Twelve Cupcakes

Chocolate and peanut butter and peanut butter and jelly at Twelve Cupcakes

Satay from Boon Tat Street (Lau Pa Sat) - Best Satay stalls 7 and 8

Satay from Boon Tat Street (Lau Pa Sat) – Best Satay stalls 7 and 8

Satay from Boon Tat Street

Satay from Boon Tat Street

Apple pancake dessert from TWG tea shop

Apple pancake dessert from TWG tea shop

Iced hibiscus tea from TWG tea shop

Iced hibiscus tea from TWG tea shop

Satay from Gluttons bay hawker market

Satay from Gluttons bay hawker market

Gluttons Bay (Esplanade)

Gluttons Bay (Esplanade)

Best fried kway teow from Raffles City food mall (The Food Place)

Best fried kway teow from Raffles City food mall (The Food Place)

Dining in Singapore

One of my good friends is going to Singapore tomorrow, and I offered to give her some restaurant recommendations. Then I thought how wonderful Singapore is for dining and how it deserved a blog page devoted to it.

The array of food available in Singapore is endless – all cuisines are available from the local nyonya straits cuisine to chinese, indian, malay, thai and western dishes. If you are a foodie, I can’t think of a better place to visit. You can experience fine dining, but you can get just as much enjoyment from street food and shopping mall food courts, and Singapore is such a clean hygienic place that the majority of street food is perfectly safe.

So let’s start with street food or hawker food. The kinds of dishes that you can expect to try are satay, curries, barbecue pork, duck, seafood and chicken, dumplings, soups, claypot meals, roti prata (or roti canai), ngoh hiang, nasi lemak, char kway teow, rojak, popiah, and less appetising options like ‘pigs organ soup’. The hawker stalls are generally very cheap andif you are going out in a group, you can try a whole range of different foods and share them. Ngoh hiang is a particular favourite of mine, also known as loh bak, it is a sausage shaped item containing pork, prawn, carrot and water chestnuts wrapped in a beancurd skin and deep fried. I have even been inspired to make my own.

Nasi lemak is a malaysian speciality of coconut rice served with peanuts, egg and fried anchovies, and usually a sambal (either just chilli or a prawn sambal), and a thick curry such as a chicken rendang.

Char kway teow is a noodle dish using ribbon noodles with vegetables and seafood in a thick sweet sauce (ketjap manis) balanced with garlic and chinese sausage and sometimes cockles. In my opinion, the best char kway teow I have ever eaten is from The Food Place which is a food court on the 3rd floor of Raffles City shopping mall (next to a shop called Precious Thots). For just a few dollars, you can get a meal that will keep you satisfied all day.

Roti prata or roti canai is an indian style dish of flat fried breads combined with a bowl of curry to dip the bread, or a bowl of dhal.

Rojak is a salad containing tofu, cucumber, beansprouts, pineapple and sometimes mango with a chilli, ginger and lime sauce. Everybody seems to make their own recipe, so this dish is quite variable in flavour.

Popiah are fresh spring rolls made with a variety of fresh ingredients such as chicken, pork, shrimp, cucumber, prawns, peanuts, beansprouts, omelette, lettuce – the combinations are endless, and they are usually served with a dipping sauce such as hoisin, or chilli, soy and lime.

There are lots of hawker centres in Singapore. I would steer clear of Newton because the vendors are particularly pushy. A good option is Lau Pa Sat on Shenton Way which used to be a wet market 150 years ago. It is a commanding octagonal building and has expanded into the roads beside the main building where you can buy satay, grilled seafood etc. When buying seafood always agree a price before the vendor cooks your food.

Makansutra Gluttons Bay is a fairly new hawker centre next to the Esplanade arts and cultural centre. Gluttons Bay offer a tasting dish where you can have a plate containing a small sample of a variety of stalls e.g. satay, crab claw, carrot cake etc.

Maxwell Hawker Centre is a famous venue on Maxwell Road in the heart of Chinatown and is the best place for traditional chinese dishes.

The Food Place in Raffles City Shopping Mall (third floor) offers a wide range of choices, and is clean and bright, and has a wonderful selection of fresh juices. The char kway teow served here is my favourite !

Scotts Arcade in Scotts Road is another good hawker centre, very handy for when you are shopping in Orchard Road, it is downstairs just next to Tangs department store.

I haven’t tried the Singapore Food Trail at the Singapore Flyer, but my Singaporean friend Colin Chin recommends it, so it is definitely on my ‘to do’ list next time I am there.

Now for restaurants. Most visitors to Singapore will venture to Little India to have curry served on a banana leaf. Banana Leaf Apollo is a popular one, but my personal favourite is Muthu’s Curry in Racecourse Road. You can see the chefs cooking in the central open kitchen, and they specialise in the famous Singapore fish head curry which is quite delicious.

If you want to try traditional straits style or Nyonya cuisine, try Blue Ginger in Tanjong Pajar Road. They serve wonderful achar pickle, ngoh hiang, and a traditional chicken curry with black buah keluak nuts.

For Chinese there are three branches of the very classy Peach Garden and if set menus are your thing, try Jade at the Fullerton Hotel which has a really good choice of set menus (every person on the table can choose a different menu).

For seafood, the restaurants on East Coast Parkway are very popular such as Jumbo and Red House. You can choose your fish and crustaceans from the tanks, but make sure that you agree a price before they cook it for you. Try the favourite Singapore Chilli Crab and Singapore Pepper Crab aswell as Crayfish tails in ginger and spring onion.

My friend Colin recommends House@Dempsey which used to be an army barracks and serves wonderful high teas as well as a varied menu of pizzas, burgers, steak and appetisers.

For Japanese, Sakae Sushi has various outlets and is very tasty, offering soft shell crab tempura, lobster salad inari, spicy tuna gunkan among other delights.

For dessert, the Fullerton Hotel hosts a chocolate buffet at weekends in The Courtyard. There is also a gourmet dessert bar called 2am showcasing Janet Wong’s amazing work, which I have not tried, but is on my ‘to do’ list.

For drinks there are plenty of cool bars in Singapore. My favourites are 1-Altitude (282m high) at Raffles Place, and the rooftop bar (Skypark) at the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

You also can’t miss Raffles Hotel for a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar.

Well that concludes my tasty guide to Singapore – a foodie’s paradise. Please tell me about your recommendations so that I can look forward to trying them on my next visit.

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