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Mashawi Currambine

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Mashawi continues to be a firm favourite for middle eastern fare in Currambine.

Vegetarian and vegan options are plentiful, although they have stopped providing pickles with the breads which is a shame. Hummus and baba ghanoush are great dip options, and vegan soups also appear on the menu.


20191211_175024Hot tapas include a vegan moussaka and shakshouka, although we found the okra a little disappointing.


There are several vegan tagines and our favourite is mujaddara, rice and lentils with caramelised onions and crispy cauliflower.


Other tagine options include vegetable couscous, cauliflower and potato, sweet potato and zucchini, and black fez (tomatoes and eggplant with couscous).

Mashawi also provide non dairy smoothies. Lots of great options for plant based dining here.


Mashawi, Currambine

Mashawi in Currambine is the newest branch of the Middle-Eastern Mount Lawley favourite, and perched above Farmer Jack’s it has a sumptuous interior with both balcony and interior tables. Staff are friendly, and the menu is large and varied with kebabs, tagines, and a surprisingly good variety of vegetarian options.

We were given a basket of breads, crispbreads, olives and pickles while we read the menu, but we ate them before I could take a photo. I chose a glass of Castelli gewurztraminer to start and it had a complex fruity, rose, and orange bouquet, typical of the perfumed aroma that the grape variety yields.


We decide to share the lamb and okra tagine on couscous – this was rich and delicious – perfectly cooked.


We also chose chicken skewers with chips and salad – we could have had rice, but it was a chippie kind of day. There were two skewers, but again, we ate one beofre remembering to take a picture. The chicken was meltingly delicious, and well-marinated.


I like Mashawi – it’s got something for everybody – great food, well presented, and friendly staff.

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Basq – Currambine


Basq Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Basq is a popular restaurant with the locals. It is very close to the cinema at Currambine, so ideal for pre or post cinema dining. I came here on the recommendation of a friend, and I like the large airy floorspace, and clean design of this restaurant.

The menu has appetisers, tapas and larger plates. We decided to go for the tapas.

We chose a ‘plank’ containing cured meats, terrine, pickles and bread.  It was okay. To be honest $24 for this amount of food was a bit of a rip off, especially when the only real skill here is in the creation of the terrine, and terrines are not expensive or difficult to make (see my recipe).

Cured meat plank

Cured meat plank

We also chose Nachos with guacamole, basq chicken and spiced beans. The Nachos were lovely, and the chicken and bean sauce very tasty. Probably my favourite dish of the evening, but again, a bit overpriced at $16.

Nachos and basq chicken

Nachos and basq chicken

Next came Spanish spiced garlic prawns. Five large prawns with a tomato and garlic sauce and some crusty bread. Yes this was nice but it didn’t blow me away. It tasted like something that I have made myself at home on many occasions.

Spanish spiced garlic prawns

Spanish spiced garlic prawns

We also chose a house cured salmon dressed with a salad containing radish, citrus fruits and fennel.

House cured salmon

House cured salmon

The desserts were lovely, we chose sticky date pudding and bitter chocolate cake. The bitter chocolate cake came with salted caramel sauce, and the sticky date pudding came with a toffee sauce – both were quite large servings.

Sticky Date Pudding

Sticky Date Pudding

Bitter chocolate cake

Bitter chocolate cake

Basq serves nice food, the desserts are the pick of the menu. It was quite expensive though, for food that I thought was just ‘nice’. When I have had tapas at other restaurants, there has usually been a few standout dishes that have blown me away, but none of the above dishes did that for me. Maybe I could have chosen better dishes, but if I am eating out I want to taste flavours that surprise me and quality of ingredients that impresses me, I don’t want to pay a fortune for something that I could have made myself. Of the mains, the salmon was probably the best dish, but the others were just average, and I am not sure that I will be rushing back to Basq.

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