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Gurkhas Nepalese, Kallaroo

I went to this restaurant on a whim on a Saturday night. Fancying something a bit different from the usual Japanese, Chinese or fish and chips, I scoured Urbanspoon for something local and came across this restaurant.
It is BYO and right next door to a bottleshop which is very convenient. The staff are gentle and welcoming, and the restaurant is modern with a clean, elegant ambience. The menu is unsurprisingly very similar to an Indian menu with the usual favourites like samosas, pakoras, tandoori etc.
We were given cumin poppadoms while we read the menu – it would have been nice to have some pickles to go with them. We tried to choose something that we wouldn’t find in an Indian restaurant and opted for the Gurkhas special chicken curry, served on the bone:

gh 4

The Prawns Makhani which is in a creamy tomato sauce:

gh 3

To accompany this we chose pilau rice, mushroom bhaji and keema naan:

gh 5
gh 1
gh 2

All of the dishes were really good, certainly better than most Indian restaurants in the northern suburbs. My only improvement would be to add more seasoning to the mushroom bhaji.
I would be very happy to go back to this restaurant.

Last Visit Date – November 2014

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