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Opposite the Luna Theatre on Oxford Street, sits Amani Bar and Kitchen. We visited after work and it was already filling with Friday night socializers. A combination of high tables, a few lower chairs and tables, and a long bar, there’s a perch to suit everybody, and the music is retro funky, perfect for setting a carefree mood.
We had heard that their vegan/vegetarian selection was good, so we chose a range of tapas style dishes.
Starting off with a superb glass of Castelli Riesling while we perused the array of choices.


The first dish was most likely the star of the show – a beautifully soft and gooey mushroom parfait with onion jam and generous fingers of toasted focaccia.
Everything melted into a wonderful combination on the tongue, and I would have
been happy of this were my only dish of the evening.


The next dish was cauliflower and walnut tacos with guacamole and a preserved lemon cabbage slaw. Again, each mouthful – pure joy.


Next came miso glazed eggplant with hummus and coconut ‘bacon’, perfectly cooked, soft and luscious, and another tick in the excellent column.


Our last serve was non-veggie – cajun prawns with charred corn salsa, guacamole, and white corn chips. Excellent finger food, plentiful prawns, and every scoop a delight.


We had a really good time at Amani, there was a great friendly vibe, and the food was outstanding. There’s certainly plenty of dishes to suit most palates and diets, other dishes on the menu include charred pork shoulder, scallops, chicken liver parfait, fried chicken and maple bacon sliders, plus a variety of cheeses and dips. I’ll definitely be back.

Visit Date – March 2020

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