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When Papparich arrived in Australia, I was quite pleased to see somewhere serving Malaysian delights, and a good place to get a Nasi Lemak fix.
In recent times I have also found some limited vegetarian options, and the vegetarian ‘mutton’ nasi lemak is definitely a good substitute. If you are vegan you have to ask them to omit the egg.

Papparich also serve noodles, kway teow, roti canai, laksa, the menu is quite extensive – complete with an array of authentic drinks. You complete your own order form, press the doorbell on the table, and a waitress arrives to process the order.

This is the chicken curry nasi lemak:
pappa 1

This is the beef rendang nasi lemak:
pappa 2

This is the satay:
pappa 3

This is the vegetarian ‘mutton’ nasi lemak:
Pappa 4 veg

This is the vegetarian laksa:

pappa 30

Generally this is a good restaurant, but it can be quite variable depending on when you go. Portion sizes can vary considerably, and the quality of the beef rendang ranges from perfectly melting to a bit chewy.

Drinks include various fruity options plus teh tarik, kopi o, jelly drinks and soy options.

This is the lychee and grass jelly drink:

pap 20

Definitely worth a visit.

Last Visit Date – May 2020

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