It Just Has To Be Delicious

Peppermint Green is a lovely cafe just off Winton Road in Delage Street. As soon as you walk in, you can see that it is clean, bright, and welcoming.

pg 1

We stopped off for a small bite before shopping. I ordered an orange and cinnamon iced tea which was lovely. They also offer allergy friendly options, and various different milks if you don’t do dairy.

pg 2

My partner chose good old English Breakfast tea, served with a cute Teddy biscuit.

I accompanied my tea with some raspberry and pear bread. This was lovely and i really enjoyed it.

pg 5

My partner chose raisin toast – again a great fruity rich option with lost of nice spices.

pg 6

The cake cabinet is very tempting and nicely laid out:

pg 7

I have revisited since and found that staff were very accommodating in preparing scrambled eggs and bacon for me with no cream or butter.

pg 8

My partner had smashed avocado on toast with feta, which was nicely prepared and a good texture.

pg 9

This coffee house is a local gem, well worth a visit. They also have a good homewares section to browse through.

pg 10

Last Visit Date – October 2019

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