It Just Has To Be Delicious

Peninsula Tea Gardens is situated at a pleasant leafy spot on the Swan River at Maylands, next to Tranby House and on the site of Peninsula Farm (one of the first colonial farms in Perth). It’s a popular place for hen parties and baby showers and they do not charge corkage, so there were plenty of champagne corks popping when we visited.
We chose the standard Parisian High Tea. Peninsula provide two serves of drinks with this and you can choose from a variety of loose leaf teas, coffee, sparkling juice and iced drinks.
I chose the Lovers Leap tea which was a caramel floral option. When the three tiered high tea arrived it looked appetising and carefully put together.

pen 1

The first layer consisted of 4 varieties of sandwich and a meat pie each. Sandwiches were ham and egg with Dijon mustard, beef and horseradish cream cheese, garlic herb chicken with avocado sour cream, and smoked salmon, cucumber and mayonnaise. My favourite was the garlic herb chicken, and although the pie could have been any supermarket party pie, it was nonetheless tasty and the pastry was nice.

pen 2

The next layer consisted of a large scone each with cream and jam. The scones were a good recipe, great consistency and the jam and cream were good quality. We didn’t have enough jam and cream for everybody, but they provided additional portions when asked.

pen 3

By now we were getting fairly full and ordered another drink before moving on to the cake layer. I ordered an iced coffee, which was a little weak and milky, but the ice cream was luscious.
The cake layer consisted of 4 cakes each – a macaron, an oblong raspberry biscuit, a lemon meringue pie and a cup cake. The cupcake was really nicely textured, soft and spongy, and the macaron was perfect. The meringue was nicely presented but nothing special, and the raspberry biscuit was again well presented but could have had a stronger raspberry flavour.

pen 4

All in all it was a very pleasant high tea, the waitresses were very helpful and the location was lovely. All served up on Royal Albert bone china complete with tea strainers and silver napkin rings. They also provided take away boxes for the left over cakes. One of the nicest high teas in Perth with a great view of the river.

Last Visit Date – December 2017

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pen 5

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