It Just Has To Be Delicious

Public House opened in November 2013, serving South American food in Perth. It is quite a large establishment on the corner of Adelaide Terrace and Victoria Avenue with alfresco tables as well as indoor dining. Nowadays it has more of a Modern Australian menu, but when we visited, the South American vibe was strong.

The drinks menu is fairly comprehensive and includes cocktails. I chose the Lichi Sueno which is gin, cointreau and lychee – absolutely delicious.

All of the dishes are served so that you can share them. There are small, medium and large dishes, and the large dishes are quite generous. We chose 3 smaller dishes and one large dish with a side vegetable. To start we had a tomato and avocado salsa with coriander and pink salted chips.

pub 5

This dish was very nice, however the salsa would have been better served in a bowl – the quirky jar was top heavy and kept tipping over. The salsa was chunky and tasty. We also chose meat empanadas – nice short pastry filled with a lamb ragout.

pub 6

There was a choice of two ceviches, we chose the sword fish with lime, coriander and chilli. I did not like this dish – it was drowned in hot chilli sauce. I would have preferred a citrus marinade with small pieces of cut chilli. I ate the fish but scraped most of the sauce off.

pub 7

For the main course we chose slow cooked pork with crackling, pineapple and guava. This dish was very nice and tender, the crackling was lovely and crisp and the fruits added a nice contrast. My only criticism would be that maybe it had been cooked a little too long and was therefore not quite as succulent as it could have been.

pub 8

The side dish to accompany this was corn puree with charred corn salsa and chilli salt. This was really delicious and I would have liked a bigger portion.

pub 9

All in all it was a very nice meal and with a few minor improvements it could have been outstanding. If you want a meal with new and exciting flavours and a good cocktail list – this is a place that you will enjoy.

Last Visit Date – January 2014

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