It Just Has To Be Delicious

Rockpool, Crown

I like Rockpool Bar and Grill. It’s classy, it’s big but feels intimate, the waiters are nice, and the menu is varied. It has a reputation for the best steaks in town, and I must say that the steaks here are exceptional, however, there is so much more to the menu. There’s seafood, caviar, salads, sashimi, garlic prawns, calamari, fish and chips, pasta, fish from the charcoal oven,
chicken, tagine, sweetbreads, meat from the wood fired grill including short ribs, lamb, chicken and partridge as well as the famous steak.
It’s one of those menus that you look through, and think “I’d like to try that” to 90% of the items on the menu, so then you have the task of whittling it down to your favourites. One of my very favourite locations for special occasion dining – the drinks menu is also impressive and has some amazingly good cocktails.

The first time I visited, I had ‘Four raw tastes of the sea’ to start, a lovely sashimi style dish, and I had the grass-fed rib eye for main.
Last time I had the grain-fed fillet. The grass-fed tastes more ‘meaty’ and the grain-fed tastes silkier and more subtly beefy. The grass-fed is cheaper, but I think that I prefer it. If you want to, you can go the whole hog and pay $119 for a wagyu rib-eye. The desserts are amazing, I have tasted the most wonderful lemon curd doughnuts and peanut butter and chocolate tart. Mmm – what a dilemma – have starter or dessert ? Maybe pace yourself and have all three courses.

Starter – leek tart with onions and caramelised walnuts and aioli:

rp 1

Yellow fin tuna tartare with Moroccan eggplant and cumin mayonnaise:

rp 2

Grain fed fillet steak:

rp 3

Grass fed T-Bone:

rp 4

Potato and cabbage gratin:

rp 5

Mushroom medley:

rp 6

Last Visit Date – September 2018

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rp 7
rp 8

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