It Just Has To Be Delicious

Morries is a lively cafe on the corner of Forrest Road and Bussell Highway. We arrived a little early on a chilly evening and were seated on a fairly small but romantic table for two.

The menu is Modern Australian, share plate style, and we chose a Tanqueray Gin and tonic while we perused the menu.

morr 1

We didn’t choose the insane sounding Barrel Aged Fog Cutter cocktail that was advertised on the wall!

morr 8

We chose 4 dishes and some bread. The first two dishes and the bread arrived in quick succession, and the staff struggled to fit them all on the table.

The bread wasn’t warm (which we expected as the menu mentioned that it was woodfired bread, but a staff member explained that it is cooked in a woodfired oven by their suppliers rather than being freshly cooked on site). It was tasty though, and they helpfully provided olive oil instead of butter for us.

Charred broccolini, romesco, toasted seeds, dried fruits and lemon oil was a lovely dish with great flavours.

morr 2

I loved the tempura cauliflower with cumin and miso aioli.

morr 4

Just as we were finishing these plates, the next two dishes came up, and it all felt a bit hurried.

We chose the shark bay prawns with szechuan pepper and pineapple sambal. The sambal was perfect with the crunchy prawns, which we ate shell-on. Yum.

morr 5

The last dish was soft shell crab with green pawpaw, nam jim salad and sriracha aioli. Another nice dish, but a bit of a mean serving with just one little crab to share.

morr 6

Within an hour of arriving, the meal was finished. We skipped dessert because all options seemed to be dairy-heavy. When we were paying, the waiter asked us how everything was and we explained that it was all a bit rushed, and he nodded, but didn’t apologise or say that he would pass on our feedback. In general the waitstaff were friendly, but busy, and some of the dishes were pretty much plonked on the table before they walked off. I also felt that portions were a bit small for the cost.

Will I go back? Probably not, there’s a lot of competition in the area and I think that Morries need to do a bit better with their service and portion sizes. Flavours are great, and it’s a shame that they are let down by the customer experience.

morr 7

Last Visit Date – July 2020

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