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Drift Cafe, Margaret River

Drift is in Willmott Avenue, Margaret River, and we noticed the previous day that customers were queuing to get in, so it seemed like a good option for a brunch.

Luckily we arrived at a quite time and were seated easily. It’s a lovely ambience, with artwork adorning the walls, a tasty looking cabinet, and some vegan menu options. Staff are very welcoming too.

drift 1

Coffee is offered with decaf and alternative milk options. My soy decaf cappuccino was a little on the strong/bitter side for my palate, but still a good cup.

drift 3

My partner chose the vegan burrito. This had beans, avocado, tomato and sauce. It was a crispy taco and maybe a softer one would have been better, but the filling was tasty.

drift 2

I chose scrambled egg on toast with mushrooms. This was absolutely delicious.

drift 4

Drift is a cool cafe and definitely worth a try.

drift 5

Last visit date – July 2020.

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Morries, Margaret River

Morries is a lively cafe on the corner of Forrest Road and Bussell Highway. We arrived a little early on a chilly evening and were seated on a fairly small but romantic table for two.

The menu is Modern Australian, share plate style, and we chose a Tanqueray Gin and tonic while we perused the menu.

morr 1

We didn’t choose the insane sounding Barrel Aged Fog Cutter cocktail that was advertised on the wall!

morr 8

We chose 4 dishes and some bread. The first two dishes and the bread arrived in quick succession, and the staff struggled to fit them all on the table.

The bread wasn’t warm (which we expected as the menu mentioned that it was woodfired bread, but a staff member explained that it is cooked in a woodfired oven by their suppliers rather than being freshly cooked on site). It was tasty though, and they helpfully provided olive oil instead of butter for us.

Charred broccolini, romesco, toasted seeds, dried fruits and lemon oil was a lovely dish with great flavours.

morr 2

I loved the tempura cauliflower with cumin and miso aioli.

morr 4

Just as we were finishing these plates, the next two dishes came up, and it all felt a bit hurried.

We chose the shark bay prawns with szechuan pepper and pineapple sambal. The sambal was perfect with the crunchy prawns, which we ate shell-on. Yum.

morr 5

The last dish was soft shell crab with green pawpaw, nam jim salad and sriracha aioli. Another nice dish, but a bit of a mean serving with just one little crab to share.

morr 6

Within an hour of arriving, the meal was finished. We skipped dessert because all options seemed to be dairy-heavy. When we were paying, the waiter asked us how everything was and we explained that it was all a bit rushed, and he nodded, but didn’t apologise or say that he would pass on our feedback. In general the waitstaff were friendly, but busy, and some of the dishes were pretty much plonked on the table before they walked off. I also felt that portions were a bit small for the cost.

Will I go back? Probably not, there’s a lot of competition in the area and I think that Morries need to do a bit better with their service and portion sizes. Flavours are great, and it’s a shame that they are let down by the customer experience.

morr 7

Last Visit Date – July 2020

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Teddis Big Spoon, Margaret River

Teddis Big Spoon is a Korean cafe in Margaret River in he main shopping area on Bussell Highway. We chanced upon it when looking for a lunch venue and we were attracted by the lunch specials.

We chose the fish special – other options included vegetarian, chicken, and beef.

The dish came up bento box style (without the box), a dish of tofu with soy and spring onion, a dish of pickles and caramelised beef chunks, a lovely slaw salad, and the main crispy battered fish on rice with a nanban style mayo sauce.


The pickles and salad were great, the fish fresh and nicely flavoured. The beef wasn’t really for me because I don’t really eat meat, but the little bit that I tried was sweet and caramelised. The tofu was fairly bland. All in all it was a good value lunch and I enjoyed it. The restaurant was full of happy diners, and offers korean iced teas and mystery corn ice cream too. Well worth a try if you are in the area.

Last visit date – July 2020

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Miki’s Open Kitchen, Margaret River

When I booked Miki’s Open Kitchen, I didn’t really know what to expect as I hadn’t heard anything about it before. I assumed that it might be a Japanese Teppenyaki bar, or something similar.

The restaurant do two evening sittings, and we were booked into the 8:30 sitting. Beforehand we let them know our dietary requirements (no meat, no dairy), which they were happy to accommodate.

It’s set back a bit, on the Bussell Highway, in amongst the main Margaret River town shopping strip. As we walked in, we noticed that there were tables around the room and some seating around the kitchen. It wasn’t a teppenyaki bar, but as the name states, an open kitchen where you can see the team cooking and preparing your food.

mik 1

Menu’s are degustation style, with the choice of Miki’s Trust, Miki’s Complete, Hanami (sake discovery), and a children’s degustation menu. You can also choose wine matching with Miki’s Trust or Miki’s Complete, and they are all similar prices.

We decided to go for the Miki’s Trust without wine matching (as we didn’t fancy too much alcohol on this occasion), but we did choose a glass of WA Great Southern chardonnay to start. This was crisp and apple-y, but softened as it came to room temperature – a very nice local drop.

mik 2

Our first course – the Amuse – consisted of wasabi Nannup pear, tempura vegan halloumi, and pumpkin and roast sesame soup. Every element was superb and we knew that we had chosen a good venue to dine.

mik 3

Next came the cold entree: umami cured kabu (turnip), shira ae Geraldton kingfish, kimpira kohlrabi, and cuttlefish with grated daikon. Again all four elements tasted amazing – the kingfish was the best of the quartet, but that’s not taking anything away from the superb flavours of the other three. Kohlrabi was a delight, a vegetable that I don’t have very often.

mik 4

The warm entree consisted of tempura –  fillets of King George whiting,  ajishio (flavoured pepper), Albany celeriac, ume (plum sauce), and Abrolhos Island scallop. I love scallop and this did not disappoint, beautifully soft and delicate, but the King George whiting was amazing, fresh and flavoursome – a third plate of sublime food.

mik 5

For the main we chose the Kalbarri goldband snapper with surinagashi (a seasonal vegetable soup) and saltbush (lovely Aussie herb). Again, a marvellously well executed dish.

mik 7

When the waitress asked if we wanted to try Miki’s creation as an additional dish, we simply couldn’t refuse. The opportunity to have another amazing dish just couldn’t be turned down. The dish was miso cured scallop with rice and fermented and pickled daikon. The scallops, as ever were superb, but that little disc of daikon took the dish to another level.

mik 8

The last hot dish (known as shime in Japan) was a ramen broth with charcoal noodles and nori. Our non-meat version had some aburi salmon on top. Ramen is Miki’s favourite dish ever, but also notoriously difficult to perfect, and during the lockdown, he put it on the menu as a now-or-never option. The ramen was a roaring success and helped to get the restaurant through the lockdown crisis. It’s easy to see why. The whole dish was perfectly executed and tasted like no ramen I have ever tasted before – umami and then some.

mik 9

Dessert consisted of yuzu rice pudding, rhubarb and sake compote, and soba no mi (buckwheat). It was warm and delicious. I tasted each element individually before mixing them all together to get the multi-level effect.

mik 10

Miki is somebody who clearly cares very deeply about the food he serves, and with his team, he made this a meal that I will be talking about for years to come. Everything was perfection. If you don’t go anywhere else in Margaret River, make Miki’s your ‘must do’ restaurant.

mik 6

Last visit date – July 2020

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