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Malaysian Hawker, Cambridge Forum, Wembley

Malaysian Hawker Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Following on from the Wembley Dim Sum post, we decided to have Malaysian for our main course. Malaysian Hawker has quite an extensive range of traditional and authentic Malaysian favourites.

MH 1

We chose beef rendang, a really thick and delicious coconut curry that cooks for ages so the beef is really tender. This was quite a nice version, but the meat could have been trimmed a bit better. the flavour was amazing but there were a few fatty pieces in there.

MH 2

We also chose char kway teow which was as good as any ckt that you would find in Malaysia or Singapore. It had the nice smoky wok burn flavour which I love. I ate some before I took the picture, so this is not representative of portion size.

MH 3

We also ordered Lo Bak, a beautiful pork and prawn dish in a beancurd wrapper which is steamed and then deep fried resulting in a crispy sausage type dish, then sliced into bite sized morsels. This was very good and quite a meaty version, served with sliced crispy tofu and a dipping sauce.

MH 4

I really enjoyed my visit to Cambridge Forum and would definitely recommend the stalls that I visited.

Visit Date – February 2018

Wembley Dim Sum, Cambridge Forum, Wembley

Wembley Dim Sum Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

In the middle of Cambridge Street nestled between Alexander Street and Simper Street is Cambridge Forum – a hawker centre with curries, Malaysian, dumplings, dim sum and French food. There’s also a fab drinks stall that can whip up a chendol in no time.
This is a fairly short blog post because we chose some food from Wembley Dim Sum for a starter, so I only have two dishes to review, but if you look at the other blog page, you’ll see the review for Hawker’s Delight, a Malaysian food stall.

So, you go and order your dim sum and they give you a little flag for the table, then when it’s ready, somebody delivers it to your table.
We chose siu mai, a pork and prawn dumpling and they were the biggest siu mai we had ever seen, very tasty too. We also chose crab claws, probably not really traditional dim sum, but definitely a favourite and very enjoyable.


Both came with nice dipping sauces – chilli oil and sweet chilli. Yum.
Now here’s a pic of the marvellous chendol from the drinks bar. With green rice flour jelly and red beans, it was really good.


Visit Date – February 2018

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