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Dragon Palace, Joondalup

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Dragon Palace is my favourite spot in Northbridge for dim sum/yum cha, and they have recently opened a branch more locally to me in Joondalup. Word has passed around quickly that there’s dim sum in Joondalup, and every Sunday there are queues of hungry diners outside waiting for their number to be called.

Like the Northbridge joint, you register your name and number of diners, and receive a raffle ticket, the prize being your table, once it’s ready. Dragon Palace provide all of the regular dim sum favourites, and you can also order a la carte or from the dim sum menu if your choice is not available on the trolleys.

We didn’t want a huge amount and just chose a few of our favourite dishes, starting off with a pot of Jasmine tea.



The first food that we selected from the trolley was sticky rice in lotus leaf. This is a wonderful package of sticky rice and mixed meats wrapped and steamed in a lotus leaf – it’s like unwrapping a present because you never know what’s going to be inside – and it was a lovely selection of tasty chicken, pork, egg and mushroom. It was also nice to be given a bowl of chilli oil sauce at the start of the meal with out having to ask for it.



We also chose siu mai prawn and pork dumplings – a classic dim sum dish – and ours tasted juicy and well seasoned.


The prawn and coriander dumplings were equally succulent:


My personal favourite is crispy seafood dumplings – always served with mayo (and sometimes the mayo has mango in it). Yum.


We finished up with wor tip – fried Shanghai style dumplings filled with meat, leeks, cabbage, and other delights, and served with the essential red vinegar accompaniment.


I really enjoyed the meal, but there are currently two problems at this restaurant. Firstly there is no lobby, just some sliding doors at the entrance, so flies get in quite easily, and it can be a bit distracting having to wave flies away from your food. Secondly, they haven’t quite got the service right. We were seated by the window and had long periods of waiting for a trolley to arrive. With just a bit of logistical thought, the restaurant could organise the timing of the trolleys better so that every table gets some service without having to wait too long. That said, the restaurant is in its infancy, and I am sure that they will soon have the service down pat like the Northbridge restaurant.

Wembley Dim Sum, Cambridge Forum

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In the middle of Cambridge Street nestled between Alexander Street and Simper Street is Cambridge Forum – a hawker centre with curries, Malaysian, dumplings, dim sum and French food. There’s also a fab drinks stall that can whip up a chendol in no time.

This is a fairly short blog post because we chose some food from Wembley Dim Sum for a starter, so I only have two dishes to review, but if you look at the next page, you’ll see the review for Hawker’s Delight, a Malaysian food stall.



So, you go and order your dim sum and they give you a little flag for the table, then when it’s ready, somebody delivers it to your table.

We chose siu mai, a pork and prawn dumpling and they were the biggest siu mai we had ever seen, very tasty too. We also chose crab claws, probably not really traditional dim sum, but definitely a favourite and very enjoyable.


Both came with nice dipping sauces – chilli oil and sweet chilli. Yum.

Now here’s a pic of the marvellous chendol from the drinks bar. With green rice flour jelly and red beans, it was really good.



Xintiandi, Francis St

UPDATE – Xintiandi is now permanently closed.

I have only ever been to Xintiandi for lunch time dim sum. It serves consistently good dim sum, and I have tried some others in the area, but tend to come back here. It used to be called Jade, but had a bit of a makeover about a year ago.

The interior of the restaurant is quite nice, with purple wall fabrics and glass balls floating from the ceiling. The queue on Sunday lunchtimes can get quite long, it all seems to depend when you turn up – the business peaks around 1pm, but I have never had to wait for more than 20 minutes for a table.

Xintiandi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

If you are lucky, you will be there when they serve soft shell chilli crab as a special.

If you have not had dim sum before (or yum cha as Australians tend to call it), dim sum means ‘touch the heart’, and they are little morsels of food to do just that. There are a lot of dumplings – I try to have plenty of steamed dumplings to counteract the amount of fried dim sum which is also available. Traditionally some dumplings go together – siu mai go with har gao. I also like to have steamed glutinous rice in a lotus leaf which is rice mixed with chinese sausage, meats, egg and mushroom. Another favourite is cheung fun or rice flour rolls which contain bbq pork, prawns or chicken, and come with an oyster sauce dressing. You can also order off the menu if you like.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite dishes:

Prawn and Seaweed rolls

Prawn and Seaweed rolls

Steamed scallop dumplings

Steamed scallop dumplings

Siu Mai pork and prawn dumplings

Siu Mai pork and prawn dumplings

Crispy seafood dumplings with salad cream

Crispy seafood dumplings with salad cream

Prawn and mushroom dumplings

Prawn and mushroom dumplings

Sticky rice in lotus leaf

Sticky rice in lotus leaf

Sticky rice outside of the lotus leaf with mixed meats

Sticky rice outside of the lotus leaf with mixed meats

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