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Ha-Lu, Mount Hawthorn

Everybody who knows me knows how much I love Ha-Lu. It is one of my top Perth restaurants. The menu changes from time to time and the new dishes are always exciting. Here is a photo diary of one of our visits.

This is a drink called a chu-high which contains some Shochu. They also do ume plum and yuzu flavours which contain tiny jelly pieces. All three are lovely:
halu 1

The sashimi is always really high quality – this is scallops, salmon and kingfish. The wasabi provided is nice and hot – as it should be.
halu 2

Tuna and watermelon is a new dish on the menu – lovely fresh raw tuna on slices of succulent watermelon. With different toppings, mustard mayo, spring onion, radish and wasabi.
halu 3

This is a dish which I always order at Ha-Lu. A salad with root vegetables such as potato, sweet potato, carrot, lotus root, with soy mustard dressing and a perfectly poached Onsen style egg in a crispy wanton basket. The whole dish is a delight.
halu 4

This is another new dish – soft succulent chicken tempura served with ponzu dipping sauce, plum mayo, and hiding underneath the pile of chicken is some pickled turnip. Very very good quality dish:
halu 5

I don’t know the secret ingredient, but Ha-Lu miso soup always tastes particularly delicious:
halu 6

Another favourite – lovely plump scallops on a crispy lotus root with radish, chilli flakes and black caviar.
halu 7

This is a signature dish of Ha-Lu. Tender duck breast with slices of perfectly cooked aubergine and different dipping sauces – madeira, mustard, wholegrain – always a favourite.

halu 8

No room for dessert. If you haven’t tried Ha-Lu yet, please do, it is a tapas style approach to Japanese food – if you think Japanese food is all about raw fish and sushi, think again.

Last Visit Date – March 2019

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