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Ha-Lu, Mount Hawthorn

Everybody who knows me knows how much I love Ha-Lu. It is one of my top Perth restaurants. The menu changes from time to time and the new dishes are always exciting. Here is a photo diary of one of our visits.

This is a drink called a chu-high which contains some Shochu. They also do ume plum and yuzu flavours which contain tiny jelly pieces. All three are lovely:
halu 1

The sashimi is always really high quality – this is scallops, salmon and kingfish. The wasabi provided is nice and hot – as it should be.
halu 2

Tuna and watermelon is a new dish on the menu – lovely fresh raw tuna on slices of succulent watermelon. With different toppings, mustard mayo, spring onion, radish and wasabi.
halu 3

This is a dish which I always order at Ha-Lu. A salad with root vegetables such as potato, sweet potato, carrot, lotus root, with soy mustard dressing and a perfectly poached Onsen style egg in a crispy wanton basket. The whole dish is a delight.
halu 4

This is another new dish – soft succulent chicken tempura served with ponzu dipping sauce, plum mayo, and hiding underneath the pile of chicken is some pickled turnip. Very very good quality dish:
halu 5

I don’t know the secret ingredient, but Ha-Lu miso soup always tastes particularly delicious:
halu 6

Another favourite – lovely plump scallops on a crispy lotus root with radish, chilli flakes and black caviar.
halu 7

This is a signature dish of Ha-Lu. Tender duck breast with slices of perfectly cooked aubergine and different dipping sauces – madeira, mustard, wholegrain – always a favourite.

halu 8

No room for dessert. If you haven’t tried Ha-Lu yet, please do, it is a tapas style approach to Japanese food – if you think Japanese food is all about raw fish and sushi, think again.

Last Visit Date – March 2019

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Galangal, Mount Hawthorn

Galangal Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I had heard nice things about Galangal, and after visiting some other establishments in Mount Hawthorn, decided to give it a try. Mount Hawthorn is a nice area with lots of good eateries, and some bars, but without the hustle and bustle of Leederville and Mount Lawley. There are plenty of side streets to park, and even some spaces right outside Galangal.

gal 1

It’s a big restaurant with a large bar area, and it was pleasing to see that it was at least 75% full on a Saturday evening.
We chose a semillon sauvignon blanc from the wine list which was nice and crisp without being too acidic. Many of the wines available were WA options.

gal 2

The menu has a great variety of Thai food but it does not try to be all things to all men. It has all of the regular options available in a menu that is not hugely extensive, but has enough variety to make for a well balanced meal.
We dithered over starters and considered having the fish cakes, spring rolls or the golden wraps (chicken and corn parcels), but after seeing the portion sizes of some main courses going past, we decided to skip starters and concentrate on a variety of mains. We chose classic green chicken curry. This was very authentic with holy basil and eggplant, and was enjoyable from the first mouthful to the last.

gal 3
gal 4

We also chose the fried barramundi fillet with garlic, chilli and tamarind hot sauce. The amount of barramundi was outstanding, it was fresh and tasty, but the sauce was much sweeter than I expected and tasted more like sweet chilli sauce than tamarind. I didn’t really get the sour tamarind hit.

gal 5

We also had pad thai with prawns which was very good and fairly authentic. I would have liked more prawns though – 4 prawns seemed a bit mean for a $22 pad thai.

gal 6

All in all I enjoyed the meal and the dishes that we ordered left us very full – the amount could easily have fed three of us. I will return to Galangal – it is a nice glam atmosphere, the staff are lovely, and the food is very tasty and authentic. Besides, I need to try the pork belly dish !

There is also a good selection of vegetarian dishes.

Visit Date – January 2018

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Bites By D, Mount Hawthorn

Bites By D Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This is an updated blog post about Bites by D, because I am already a fan, but for the first time I went to this beautiful cake shop for High Tea.
Bites is not a licensed venue, so you can bring your own bubbles, but if you
forget there’s a liquor store nearby that gives discount for Bites by D customers. Everything on the table was set out perfectly, and the fine china looked really great.


The tea menu contains a good selection of loose leaf teas from T2, and when you order, the pot is quite generous. The High Tea includes unlimited tea and coffee, which you can order at any time.
The savouries platter included a lovely risoni pasta salad in a pot, and exquisite beetroot cream tart with pastry to die for, a beef slider, and a pumpkin scone with cream cheese and chive spread.


It took quite a while to chomp our way through the savouries, and they were so so nice, the scones perfectly baked, and everything was made with care and finesse. After the savouries, we were presented with a raspberry sorbet, topped with freeze dried raspberries. This was lovely and bursting with raspberry goodness.


Nothing could prepare us for the beauty of the sweet platter – oh my goodness, every piece looked so appetising.


The top layer contained a rich buttery friand, topped with strawberry and buttercream, and a profiterole with a crunchy surface known as a choux au craquelin. Both of these were light and delicious.


The bottom layer contained the signature summer delight which is gluten free, layers of vanilla and lemon Bavarian cream, almond and pistachio biscuit, raspberry and strawberry jelly. The star item for me was the golden chocolate cube with chocolate crumb, chocolate mousse, salted caramel cremeux, all dipped in chocolate and topped with meringue, raspberry and a golden praline.
They also provided a cupcake for my partner who was celebrating a birthday.


We definitely felt very special having High Tea at Bites By D. This is definitely one of the best venues for afternoon tea in Perth.
This is my first blog post which I posted in 2017:
Ever since leaving Brisbane, I have been looking for a patisserie to match the finesse of Le Bon Choix. There are plenty of cake shops in Perth, but so far nothing has displayed the attention to detail and aesthetic pleasure that LBC did. Then I discovered Bites by D, a shop in Mount Hawthorn on Scarborough Beach Road and oh my goodness this place delivers.


We selected a toffee crunch eclair and a Ferrero Rocher cupcake. The eclair had a wonderful gooey but not too sweet salted caramel filling, great pastry with a lovely crunchy nut topping.

The cup cake was like a cross between a cup cake and a brownie, wonderfully moist with a quality chocolate cream inside. Very nice.

There is seating in the shop so you can sit and have a drink with your cake, and they also offer high tea, which sounds amazing. I can’t wait to go back for more. Well we did go back for more and I took some better photos. I had coffee which was lovely – Five Senses.


Tea served in a stylish pot:


Chocolate Eclair – lush soft chocolate cream, not too sweet, in a delicate choux pastry eclair bun:


Salted Caramel Cheesecake – luscious salty caramel filling:


Winter Delight – layers of rhubarb and cream with a chocolate brownie base.


Plenty more choices on display:


Last Visit Date – November 2018

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