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Sawadee, West Leederville

Sawadee Thai Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sawadee is an unassuming Thai restaurant in a bit of an out of the way place on Harrogate Street in West Leederville. It’s friendly and welcoming with nice clean decor.

sa 1

The menu has many of the traditional Thai favourites, and it’s a licensed premises with some good wine choices.

sa 2

We chose the Tung Tong pork and peanut parcels to start. Lovely delicate dumplings with a great sauce and served on lettuce leaves (also great to wrap the dumplings in the leaves).

sa 3

We also had the grilled barramundi with tamarind sauce – another winner – great fresh fish and good tamarind flavour.

sa 4

The star of the meal was the green chicken curry – a beautiful thick sauce with plenty of chicken, great with simple boiled rice.

sa 5
sa 6

This is a neighbourhood gem – it’s a shame that the location isn’t more prominent, but if you are seeking good traditional Thai, give Sawadee a try.

Visit Date – July 2019

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Hylin, West Leederville

Hylin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hylin is located on Railway Parade in West Leederville, not far from Subiaco. Parking is at a premium, so make sure that you plan your journey well if you are going to visit. I managed to find a meter across the road, and it was just outside of ‘paid parking’ time. so I was quite fortunate.

hy 1

There are tables inside and outside, and we chose to sit inside as it looked like rain was a possiblity. There are some stools near the kitchen, a few wooden tables and a high table, but all of them are quite cramped, and this was my main bugbear with Hylin. The staff and the food are lovely but the seating is very uncomfortable and it’s not a great place to sit and linger. The chairs are wooden – school style, and there is a constant stream of diners and wait staff pushing past.
Our coffees were great, coffee is supplied by Micrology Coffee Roasters, and it was a nice smooth blend. I was a little disappointed to find that the in house herbal iced tea wasn’t available, so I chose an iced coffee.

hy 2
hy 3

The menu has many tempting options like healthy bowls, chorizo, egg and creamed corn, pulled pork burger, breakfast bruschetta, pancakes etc. There are a few vegetarian options, but you would need to ask for special adaptations to find anything vegan here.
I chose the spicy chicken burger.

hy 4

This was a very nice burger, the fried chicken was seasoned well, with great pickles and lettuce and some pretty awesome chips.
My partner chose the open breakky burger – eggs, smashed avo, bacon, and potato rosti in a bun.

hy 5

It was nice, with chipotle mayo, a bit smoky and spicy, and all ingredients went well. He said that he thought my chicken burger looked more appealing though.

hy 6

All in all, Hylin is a good cafe and the staff clearly care about what they do, and I think that if the layout inside was changed, and the seating more comfortable, it could be an amazing cafe. I am not sure it’s worth a special trek to West Leederville, but great if you are in the area.

hy 7

Last Visit Date – November 2018

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Pearth Organic Kitchen, West Leederville

Pearth Organic Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Pearth is a vegetarian/vegan cafe on Cambridge Street with a clean airy interior. We stopped by today for some takeout and were pleasantly surprised to see so many good options in the cabinet.

pok 1

Salads, wraps, savoury tarts, curries and bowls, it was difficult to choose, but in the end I went for a savoury pancake Okonomiyaki with king oyster mushrooms and cabbage. It was really good but could have done with a little more seasoning.

pok 4

My partner chose the vegan burrito which was huge, containing rice, beans, avocado, spinach and chipotle spice. It wasn’t too heavy on the spice and again could have been seasoned a bit more.


pok 3

We also checked out the cake cabinets

pok 2

We chose a date, walnut and garam masala muffin, which was tasty but quite dense – not the thing to choose if you want a light cake, but it was really good.

pok 5

We also chose a vegan snickers slice which was sweet and gooey and just like Snickers.

pok 6

The food at Pearth is definitely made with love and looks amazing. It is a little on the expensive side, but also good quality, they just need to pay a bit more attention to seasoning and it will be Pearthfect.

Visit Date – May 2020

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