It Just Has To Be Delicious

Side Door sits on the corner of Mary Street and Beaufort Street in Mt Lawley, and serves all things US style specialising in BBQ meats. You can choose a share platter or you can design your own share platter which is what we did.
We started with a nice glass of NZ sauvignon blanc – and it had a lovely pineapple bouquet. There’s also a good cocktail list.

sd 1

While we deliberated over the contents of our platter we nibbled on some caramel popcorn. This was incredibly moreish.

sd 2

We ended up choosing St Louis ribs, southern fried chicken wings, fries with aioli, pickled slaw and collard greens. It all came up together on a huge tray.

sd 3

There were 2 St Louis ribs, with a gorgeous sticky delicious coating and nicely charred meat, but they were a bit fatty and I found myself removing large strips of fat to get to more meat inside. Next time I would choose a different type of rib.

sd 4

The wings were the star (4 of them), large and meaty with a wonderful crunchy coating that tasted great. The pickled slaw was a good accompaniment.

sd 5

The collard greens were disappointing. It is hard to get spring greens in Perth, and they were a mixture of kale and broccoli with way too much of the cooking liquor. They were okay but not great, and also sprinkled with cheese which I really didn’t want.

sd 6

The chips were good, and all of the dips were nice. There was a nice sriracha style dip with pickling vinegar in it.

sd 7

Side Door is a place to go when you are very hungry, the portions are large and we didn’t have room for dessert. It’s a very family friendly venue and the wait staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I’ll definitely be back to try more of the menu.

Visit Date – November 2018

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sd 9
sd 8

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