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Old Faithful Bar and BBQ, CBD

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Old Faithful is a pub and BBQ restaurant at the Wellington Street end of King Street. Walking in, it looks like a typical bar with wooden tables and chairs, and we received a friendly greeting as we were allocated a table.

The menu is full of grill bar favourites, ribs, burgers, sandwiches etc. and there are beer specials on the chalkboard.

We chose to share a rack of pork ribs, 100g of brisket, fries, coleslaw and pickles. The food arrived on a platter to share, and everything was full of flavour.


The brisket was the star with a lovely smoky flavour, and the smoked and char grilled ribs were really good, although just a little longer would have seen the meat falling off the bone. They were the kind of ribs that you have to chew off the bone. Nonetheless, the ribs were full of flavour, very slightly dry, but I think that was due to the cooking method.

Fries were spicy and tasty, coleslaw was good quality and the pickles all disappeared very quickly thanks to my pickle-addict companion.

I really enjoyed Old Faithful and will definitely return for more barbecue creations.

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Hunter and Barrel, Whitfords

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Hunter and Barrel is one of the restaurants at the new hub in Whitfords Shopping Mall. It occupies quite a large space with an open kitchen and friendly staff. Every time I had previously tried to book, the restaurant was pretty much fully booked, so it was nice to finally get a table.

The ‘barrel’ menu is a very impressive wine, beer and spirits list with seasonal specials and tempting cocktails.

The ‘hunter’ menu showcases steak, ribs and skewers, with a few sharing ‘feast’ options and several hearty pub fare options like pie, lamb shoulder, and schnitzel. there is a  vegetarian skewer options, but this is not really a venue for non-meat eaters.

For starters we shared (between three of us) some chicken wings and flatbread with dukkah.



The chicken wings were outstanding (6 in a portion), very very meaty and with a light honey glaze that wasn’t too sweet. They were perfectly cooked. The flatbread and dukkah was also nice with quality olive oil to dip.

For mains, ribs were the order of the day and I chose half a rack of pork ribs with chunky chips and aioli and a side of pickled red cabbage.


Everything on the platter was incredibly good – nice fall-apart ribs with a great bbq glaze, smooth aioli, crispy fluffy chips and lovely pickled red cabbage with sweet sultanas.


My male companions chose the beef short ribs – one portion with chilli:

and the other with bbq sauce


They also enjoyed the mushroom dipping sauce for the chips


All in all it was a really tasty meal, very fulfilling, and we left with happy tummies. This is definitely the best rib venue in the Northern suburbs.

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Miss Chow’s, Whitfords

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Miss Chow’s is one of a group of new restaurants that have opened in the last 12 months at Whitfords shopping centre. They all seem quite popular with the locals, and we decided to try Miss Chow’s for Sunday lunch after a morning visit to the cinema.

It’s a large open area for dining and we chose to eat inside, although it was a bit chilly with the aggressive air con and fans running.

We didn’t want to order a huge amount, just some dumplings and ribs.

I chose a fresh iced lemon tea to drink. This was lovely, and I could taste the tea as well as the lemon. It had just the right amount of sweetness.


We ordered three lots of dumplings. No dipping sauce was provided other than with the fried dumplings. There was soy sauce on the table but no small dishes to put the soy into for dipping.

The siu mai prawn and pork dumplings – four in a portion. These are very traditional Chinese dumplings served with almost every dim sum meal. they were very tasty and enjoyable. Sorry about the photo, we ate two of them before I remembered to take a photo.


We also chose the traditional partner of siu mai – har gow which are crytsal prawn dumplings. Again a portion of four, but they tasted quite bland, the flavour of the prawn did not come through.


The pan fried dumplings were pork and vegetable (like our favourite War Tip), and served with a sweet chilli oil type sauce, but it didn’t have any real heat to it. The flavour was okay, but not as nice as the previous dim sum restaurants that I have visited.


The best item that we ordered were the caramelised spare ribs. Served with black vinegar caramel, pineapple, bell peppers and fresh mint, they were succulent and fell off the bone. I wasn’t too keen on the large mint leaves – they could have been shredded. After a while the ribs felt a little too sweet, but generally they tasted quite good.


So would I go back to Miss Chow’s ? Maybe for the ribs or to try something else from the menu, but not for the dumplings. I have had better dumplings in Northbridge and won’t settle for bland ones.

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Portside Grill, Hillarys

The Portside Grill at Hillarys is a busy, casual restaurant that provides great value for money. Offering several specials each week, we decided to go for the steak special night where you can get a rump steak, chips and slaw for just $14.

The range of beers, ciders and wine is quite extensive and it is nice to see Custard and Co cider on tap.

The menu consists of all of the grill type favourites – steak, ribs, burgers, wings, salads, and fish as well as a range of share boards which offer a nice selection for those who can’t decide.

I chose the barramundi, not expecting it to be amazing, as I didn’t think it would be their speciality, however I was pleasantly surprised to be presented with a beautifully cooked portion of fish, some tasty seasoned chips, and a wonderful salad with great additions like sun dried tomatoes and olives.


One of our group chose the steak special, and found it to be really good quality and great value for money with great chips and a very tasty slaw.


We also ordered ribs which were beautifully cooked and fell off the bone. Portside certainly know how to cook ribs and we could see that the membrane had been carefully removed. The sauce was rich and tasty. Much much better than ribs I have tried at Lone Star and Spur.


Portside is popular, busy and noisy and has a selection of regular tables, high tables and barrels that you can sit around. It was a shame on our visit that all of the regular tables were taken, I find that high tables for eating food can be uncomfortable. However, it was a surprisingly good meal and we all enjoyed it very much.

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Kailis Fish Cafe at Trigg (Trigg Island Cafe)

UPDATE – Kailis Fish Cafe has now permanently closed. A new restaurant called Island Market is located here.

Trigg Island Cafe used to be one of my favourite places. It was fairly expensive, but I liked it because the fish and the ribs were consistently good, and the location is right on the beach which makes it an ideal place to take visitors to watch the sunset while they dine. When it changed to Kailis Fish Cafe, I thought that it might end up being a very canteen style place where you eat the fish and chips out of paper, and that the ambience would be ruined.

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We came here on the off chance one midweek evening, not knowing what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the ambience was not a lot different, and that ribs were still on the menu.

I chose the fisherman’s basket:

Fishermans basket

Fishermans basket

This consisted of scallops, prawns and snapper with chips and pickled onions and a tartare sauce.

It was nice, but not the best I have tasted.

I chose a salad to accompany it which was basic, and also okay:



My companion chose ribs which were not a patch on the previous Trigg Island ribs. The ribs had not been marinated long enough and were only half coated in sauce. They were nice but not special.



The resulting bill was still moderately expensive, and I don’t think I’ll be rushing back. The food was fairly average. I know that I can get better fish and chips and ribs elsewhere.

Best Burgers and Ribs in Perth

What makes a good burger ? I suppose everybody has their own ideas, but for me it is a nice meat patty, not too skimpy but not so big that you can’t take a mouthful where you are tasting all of the layers. Nice crisp salad, tasty tomato, good sauce (tomato, mustard, mayo or other relish – I don’t mind so long as it goes with the burger), maybe a few pickles too. I like the bun to be fresh, soft on the inside and a little crispy on the outside.

The famous ‘Aussie’ burger has beetroot and egg in it – I quite like it – but I know that beetroot is not to everybody’s taste. Fast food is big big business over here – Joondalup drive has a Red Rooster, Chicken Treat, Hungry Jack’s (which is Australian Burger King), KFC and McDonalds all within about 500m, and the smell of grease as you drive past in the summer is all-pervading.

I don’t care much for the fast food chains – they tend to be fairly synthetic and they never look like the pictures in the ads. Hungry Jack’s and McDonalds buns taste very synthetic, and if I had to do a blind taste test I don’t think I would be sure that it was a bread product. The pleasure of eating a Big Mac or a Whoppa is very transient, and I don’t know if it affects anybody else the same way, but the satisfaction of fulfilling my junk craving is quickly replaced with a feeling of nausea from the after-taste. Needless to say – I don’t eat McDonalds very often – however the Sausage and Egg McMuffin is ok, and if I am craving a junk breakfast, I will sometimes have one.

Sorry if I sound like a terrible food snob, but this blog is all about my personal idea of deliciousness, and the fast food chains are ok for cheap quick fixes, but they are not my idea of food heaven.

When I first came to Perth the best burger I had was the gourmet beef burger at Burns Beach Cafe. It was a hand made steak patty with just the right amount of relish, onion and salad, served in a lovely crusty fresh bun. The char-grilled patty oozed a small amount of really tasty meat juices, and the whole meal with chips was very satisfying. I went back and had that burger a few times over the next few months but unfortunately the quality diminished with each visit.

The next good burger joint was FAB (or should it be AFB?) Australia’s Finest Burgers at Hillary’s boat harbour. Not only did they have a fabulous range of burgers, but they served good milkshakes too such as Tim Tam flavour. The patties were made with really good beef and favourite options were the Supreme with sauteed mushrooms and barbecue sauce, The Blue with blue cheese and salad, and the classic Aussie. They also serve Chicken Brie and Cranberry burgers, and they used to serve kangaroo, but this seems to have disappeared from the menu. FAB were the best burgers around, but unfortunately they could not serve consistently. The days that they were good they were very very good, but the off days just left me disappointed, and if I am paying $18 for a burger – it has to be amazing.
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I decided to look around and research the best burgers in Perth and came up with a shortlist of 3: Grill’d, Alfred’s Kitchen and Jus Burgers.

I tried Jus Burgers in Subi, and the onion rings were amazingly good. I chose a classic cheese burger, which was nice, but very underseasoned – just a little salt and pepper would have made it taste so good.
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I tried Grill’d next and found the range of burgers very appealing, healthy and well-made. I love the way that they spread the sauce over the whole bun rather than just a blob in the middle, and my only minor complaint is that the patties are a little on the small side. The chips are lovely, seasoned with herbs and served with dips. I like the philosophy of Grill’d and it is now my favourite place for a local burger.
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The winner though is Alfred’s Kitchen. This place demonstrates what burgers are all about. It’s a classic burger shack which does every permutation of burger, egg, cheese and bacon. The burgers are pretty damn perfect – just the right ration of bun, burger and salad served with chips. No formal seating – just some walls to sit on and an open fire for chilly days. It is famous as a bikie (Hell’s Angels for my English friends) gathering place, and I have been advised to steer clear of it late at night – but lets be honest, I’m sure the bikies just want to feed their face, I can’t picture Alfred’s Kitchen as a den of iniquity.
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When I researched ribs, I didn’t find too many places in Perth that specialised in them.

I went to Tony Roma’s in the city and the ribs were nice but didn’t have me rushing back. I had also tried ribs at the Hog’s Breath Cafe, but I find Hog’s Breath a little disappointing. Like TGIF’s it seems to be a place where people go to enjoy cocktails and the food is just a side issue – not cooked with much thought or love – they churn out steaks and fries which taste quite bland and are also not particularly cheap.
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Then I tried ribs at Trigg Island Cafe and the search pretty much ended there. Why go anywhere else. The ribs are fabulous. Here’s a top tip – don’t bother with starters – you get 3 racks of ribs chilli or plain bbq – chilli is best. They melt in the mouth – truly sensational ribs.

Stop Press 18th Aug 2012 – Trigg Island Cafe has now changed hands and is owned by Kailis. They no longer serve ribs. How annoying.

Stop Press again 20th Oct 2012 – Found some fabulous ribs tonight at Squire’s Loft, Subiaco – will definitely be paying a return visit and will take pics for the blog – here’s the Urbanspoon link:

Squires Loft Subiaco on Urbanspoon
If you like Asian style ribs, the best ones I have found are at To-To, Albany Highway, Vic Park – this is a vietnamese restaurant, but also does chinese style dishes and these particular ribs are the Peking Style Ribs.

Also Lotus Court Chinese restaurant, Connolly does really nice ribs. Kulcha cafe in Joondalup makes quite acceptable but maybe a little sweet, ribs in plum sauce. Other than that I have found the ribs in asian restaurants to be a bit dry or tough. When making ribs from scratch it is really important to marinate and then thoroughly cook the meat so that it comes away from the bone really easily. Some recipes tell you to boil the marinated ribs, others say to oven roast, but either way it is really important to cook them slowly for some time.

So there you are – my recommendations for burgers and ribs in Perth. I am sure that there are many other places which I haven’t tried – feel free to share your recommendations with me.

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