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Pappagallo, Leederville

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Pappagallo is a bustling Italian restaurant that occupies a corner position at the junction of Oxford Street and Bourke Street. It’s about halfway along Oxford Street and away from the main Leederville strip. I first discovered this place a few months back when I was looking for traditional Italian pizza – not hawaiian, not chicken tikka, just beautiful simple unadulterated Italian pizza. Pappagallo really delivered on the pizza with the last mouthful being as perfectly tasty as the first, and we have visited regularly for our pizza fix.

pap 1
pap 2

The drinks menu is quite extensive and we love the Galvanina range of soft drinks that are offered – the blood orange soda is a wonderful drink.

pap 3

Today we chose to share a pizza, a pasta dish, and a salad. Pappagallo do a mean coleslaw salad, however it’s a winter menu item and was not available today, so we chose a red cabbage, cucumber, celery, lemon zest and basil salad – quite a nice backdrop to the other dishes.

pap 4

The pizza was a Napoli with tomato, mozarella, capers, anchovies, and olives. Wonderfully piquant and oozing with cheese, on top of a perfect thin crust – absolutely delicious and the reason why Pappagallo pizzas are so popular.

pap 5

We also chose the ravioli of the day – lamb ravioli on a bed of butternut pumpkin puree. Again, delicious, the huge pillows of ravioli perfectly seasoned, the pumpkin lovely and soft underneath.

pap 6

We felt fairly full but decided to share a dessert. Italian ricotta doughnuts with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. Excellent quality ice cream with soft sugary doughnuts and a wonderful glossy chocolate sauce – yum.

pap 7

Other items on the menu include a range of starters – a platter of cured meats, cheese and pickles; arancini; chicken skewers; italian sausage; polenta. As well as pizza and pasta dishes, you can choose chicken, fish, steak, veal and a seafood soup – anything that you would find in a cafe in Italy.
I consider this to be one if the best Italian restaurants in Perth, and definitely my ‘go to’ place for pizza.

This is the amazing Italian doughnut dessert:
pap 1

Last Visit Date – December 2017

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pap 8

Jamie’s Italian, Perth CBD

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I tried to book online for Jamie’s… well okay I left it a bit late, but couldn’t get a booking for Sunday lunch, however the website said that some tables are reserved for walk-ins, so we just turned up and were told that the wait time was 45 minutes. This was not a major problem as the restaurant is in the heart of Perth and you can easily while away an hour browsing the shops or visiting a nearby coffee bar. We returned after 30 minutes only for my phone to ring to let me know that a table was ready.
The restaurant is large, busy, and warehouse style with a huge chandelier in the middle, quirky napkins that look like Jamie tea towels, and wooden plank tables.

jamie 1

Our waitress was a delight – she enthusiastically explained all 4 ‘specials’ to us and quickly organised some non-alcoholic ginger beer mojitos.

jamie 2

For starter we chose to share a crab and avocado bruschetta. This was really nicely done, served on a plank, the bread was sourdough topped with a lovely crab mash with apple, mint, chilli and lemon. If you were hungry you would probably want this whole starter to yourself, but it suited us as a share option.

jamie 3

For mains we both chose the special of pork belly with crispy crackling, served with salad leaves and roast potatoes. This was really nice, the pork was succulent and fell apart and the crackling was crispy and tasty.

jamie 4

For dessert I chose the tutti-frutti lemon meringue pie with limoncello and crunchy pistachio brittle. This was a lovely big serving, nice tart lemon offset by the sweet fluffy meringue and complemented by the crunchy nut brittle.

jamie 5

My partner chose the chocolate brownie with amaretto ice cream and caramelised popcorn – this was a luscious dark chocolate fix and the amaretto ice cream was superb. A very yummy dessert.

jamie 6

The toilets here have old fashioned Victorian style cisterns but alas no chain – I think that the cisterns are there for decor, the flush is push-button, but they were quirky nevertheless.

jamie 7

The meal was very nice and I would love to return to try some of Jamie’s pasta. The bill was quite reasonable too – not as expensive as you may expect. Some of the waiters are from Essex – which reminded me of home, so maybe I have a soft spot for this place. It is definitely a favourite in Perth, if you don’t mind waiting for your table.

Visit Date – January 2015

UPDATE – we have now visited Jamie’s a few times and generally had great meals. Sadly the last visit was lacklustre and did not deliver. I understand that the chain has gone into administration, however the Perth restaurant still seems to be open for the time being.

Jamies Prosciutto salad:
jamie 8

Zafferano, Perth

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Zafferano is situated on the Swan River by the Old Swan Brewery. The views of the city are amazing, and it seems to be a restaurant that you visit for a special occasion.
I was really looking forward to trying some good seafood here.
The first thing I noticed was the car parking – it’s expensive! Not only do you have to pay premium prices for food, you have to pay to park there, which seemed to me a bit rough.
When we walked in, we expected the restaurant to be full, but it wasn’t. Quite surprising for a Saturday night – it should have been buzzing with clientele. It was a chilly night and we were seated near a heater, which was great, still with good views of the city, but not right by the window.
We started with a glass of wine – Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc – $17 per glass. It was okay, but I have tasted much better Marlborough sauvignon blanc. It didn’t have the wonderful pineapple and gooseberry bouquet that you often get with sb, although it did have a citrus feel, and probably could have been served a bit colder.

Zaff 1

I found the menu quite uninspiring and a bit reminiscent of the 70’s. There was a lot of seafood, as that is the speciality, but with dishes like caesar salad, duck with cherries, and scampi – I wondered if they were aiming for an older clientele. The menu wasn’t really clear about entrees and mains, it seemed that most dishes could be served as entree or main, but it would have been good to have a demarcation on the menu.
We decide to go for mains only. I chose grilled pink snapper with mango chutney, lemon and olive oil. I chose this dish because it was one of the few dishes on the menu that wasn’t served in butter or with parmesan. They seem to put parmesan on everything! I did mention my dairy issue on booking, but none of the waitstaff mentioned it or gave me any guidance or alternatives that could be served.

Zaff 2

So this dish was $49.50 and to be honest it didn’t warrant that price tag. The snapper was overcooked, and I was not convinced of its freshness. The mango chutney didn’t really go with it, a nice fennel and tomato salad would have been a better accompaniment. I didn’t finish the dish because I didn’t really enjoy it, the flavours just weren’t there.

My partner chose the Crispy Skinned Barramundi:

Zaff 3

Served with dukkah roasted potatoes, herbs and beurre blanc. The skin wasn’t really that crispy, it was quite light on the beurre blanc. The potatoes were nice and the fish generally was well cooked and fresh, but that crispy skin was a disappointment. This dish was $48.50.
We chose a ‘special’ side dish of a peach salad with chorizo and this was probably the star of the meal (we didn’t know the price, but sides are round the $17-18 mark).

Zaff 4

The chorizo was unnecessary and could have been left off. To be honest the chorizo skin was a little tough and unpleasant, and chorizo is too strong a flavour to complement delicate peach. The peaches were beautifully grilled with flaked almonds, the ubiquitous parmesan, rocket, and a raspberry/balsamic vinaigrette. I couldn’t detect the vinaigrette, but this was a nice dish in amongst a poor meal.
We perused the dessert menu, but it was disappointingly dairy heavy and at $25.50 per dessert, we didn’t want to risk another let down.
When we left, nobody asked if we were okay. The head waitress took my phone away to get my Entertainment Book voucher ‘authorised’ by the chef, which I found a bit disturbing (do they not trust their staff/customers?).
Not a great experience, we won’t be going back. Zafferano is hideously overpriced and not really that good.

Visit Date – May 2019

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