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The Boatshed Restaurant, South Perth

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The Boatshed certainly has stunning views of the city. Situated at the foreshore end of Coode Street in South Perth, with a convenient car park, it’s a really nice space with lots of sofas and casual seating where you can have a drink before you are shown to your table. There is also a large dining area for parties that looks like it can be partitioned off from the rest of the dining room. With an array of tables next to the vista window, and plenty of other tables that still enjoy the great riverside view, the restaurant has a sophisticated but feelgood vibe.


We started with a glass of riesling and I was surprised to be offered two choices of riesling by the glass – and we chose the local Whicher Ridge Frankland River riesling which had all the fruity, lime, floral, and crisp qualities of this grape variety.


For starters I chose half a dozen oysters, 3 natural and 3 with nuoc mam. The vietnamese dressing was on the spicy side, and may be uncomfortable for some diners, but I enjoyed it. The oysters were good quality, fresh, and real taste of the ocean.


My partner had the Thai spiced fishcakes with wakame (seaweed) and soba noodle salad, and pineapple and green mango salsa. These were very good and plentiful, the noodles had a lovely lime dressing, and the salsa another great taste and texture.


For main course I chose the crispy pork belly with scallops. The scallops were fresh, perfectly cooked, slightly sweet, and high quality. The pork belly was also well cooked, the soft meat flaked apart, the fat was completely rendered, and the crispy crackling was crunchy and satisfying. Served on a bed of corn and golden beetroot with a lovely rich jus, this was a triumph of a dish.


My partner chose the beef cheek, which he thoroughly enjoyed. The meat again soft and succulent, falling apart and served with a chervil potato puree, sugar snaps, and heirloom carrots.


Although full, we opted for dessert, hoping that it would be as good as the rest of the meal, and it certainly was. It was a difficult choice, but I selected the PB&J dessert – peanut butter mousse, raspberry sorbet, peanut brittle, peanut butter cookie dough, raspberry gel and freeze dried raspberries. It certainly delivered – wonderfully smooth mousse on a chocolate soil, great crispy brittle, and the gel was so concentrated, it was pure raspberry gorgeousness.


My partner chose the sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce, vanilla ice cream and chocolate soil. This was lush, sweet and sticky and everything that you could want from a sticky toffee pudding.


The Boatshed gave us a very memorable meal. The staff were spot on – helpful but not intrusive, and every dish was made with care and beautifully presented. Highly recommended for great food and great views.




Petition Kitchen, Perth CBD

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Petition Kitchen is housed within the impressive State Buildings in the Perth CBD and is part of a trio of Petition establishments, the others being the wine bar and the beer corner. The restaurant is long and dimly lit with an open kitchen area, with a variety of regular tables and ‘perching’ tables. I was quite glad that we got a regular table as I can find the higher tables quite uncomfortable.


We were offered bread and olives to start, which we accepted. The bread arrived with some whipped butter, but the olives did not materialise throughout the whole meal.


I think that Petition probably have more of a passion for their alcohol rather than food. The wine list seemed quite impressive, and I fancied a glass of my favourite Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, but couldn’t find one in the ‘by the glass’ section. There was a quite interesting ‘cloudy sav’ from WA, and I originally chose that, but the waitress indicated that it was really cloudy and quite sour, so I changed my order to a South Australian Riesling which was very nice, and if I hadn’t driven, I would have been happy to drink a whole bottle.

The menu is made up of sharing plates from small plates like kingfish and croquettes to more substantial dishes like lamb shoulder and steak. It was very dim in the restaurant and impossible to read the menu without my trusty phone torch.

We decided to go for three dishes to start with, and order a fourth if necessary. First we chose the raw Geraldton kingfish with sweet ginger and creme fraiche which was nice, good quality fish, and clean crisp flavours – a very nice dish.


Then came the foie gras and chicken liver parfait with aged balsamic and grilled bread. My main gripe with dishes like this is that you never get enough bread. The waitress did say that we could order more bread if we wanted (and we did), but why not just provide enough bread in the first place. I love parfait and was expecting this dish to be the star of the meal, but it was really quite average. The texture of the parfait was a bit softer than expected, but the vinegar pearls were a nice touch and added a bit of piquancy.



The third dish was charred cauliflower mornay with chive, smoked brioche and salted egg. This was not a great dish. It arrived as a whole chunk of cauli with the sauce underneath and it was undercooked, so we had carve it up to share it out. I love eggs but I didn’t really detect the salted egg flavour, and at the end of it all, I felt that I make better cauliflower dishes at home. It was frankly disappointing.


We decided to go for a fourth dish and chose the pigs head croquettes with red harissa and aioli. They were nice and crispy, the harissa had a heavy spice kick and the aioli provided a nice contrast to the heat. The filling was very soft and altogether the flavours matched quite nicely.


Although the wait staff were nice, I felt that they seemed very rushed, just plonking dishes on the table with no real explanation and rushing off again. I also felt that our meal was hurried along, something that often happens when we are not indulging in alcohol – I feel that restaurants are happy for clientele to linger when they are spending money on wine and spirits, but when they realise that you are there for a relatively non-alcoholic meal, they seem to want to get rid of you as soon as you’ve eaten, and this is the impression that I got at Petition Kitchen.

I wasn’t wowed by the dessert menu, warm artichoke custard just seemed a bit pretentious for the sake of it, and the only thing that appealed to me was the fig clafoutis with spiced walnut ice cream. We decided to give it a miss.


All in all, Petition was nice, but I wasn’t wowed by it, and it didn’t deliver the fine dining experience that I had imagined. If you love your wine and want to try a range of wines with some nice food to chomp on while drinking, then it is probably the perfect venue, but as a foodie I found it fairly average and I won’t rush back.


St Michael 6003, Highgate

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St Michael 6003 is situated on Beaufort Street just south of Vincent Street in an area that is a hub for bars and restaurants.

As soon as we walked in, we were captivated by its serene elegance, with beautiful wooden tables, contemporary artwork and stained glass images. We were seated at a comfortable table with good lighting. There were various menu offers even though it was a Saturday night, and we chose the degustation for $79 instead of the usual $95. We could also have had a $49 fixed price menu – any three courses instead of the regular $69.

I selected a glass of chardonnay from the wine list – a lovely oaky WA drop, poured straight from the bottle by the French waiter. Our first course to arrive was a tomato gazpacho with bread and whipped herb butter. This was perfect. The gazpacho lovely and spicy, and not too garlicky, served with heavenly moist bread.



Then came scallops served with fennel jam, radish and dill. Perfectly cooked scallops – I could have eaten a whole plate of them and this was one of the best dishes.


Lemon risotto with walnuts was probably my least favourite dish of the meal. It was definitely lemony but quite bland with just a few slivers of walnuts, and could have done with something salty to contrast. It tasted better with the wine, but overall, was just missing a flavour somewhere.


Then came the star dish of the meal – quail with beetroot textures, beetroot syrup, pureed beetroot and wafer thin slices of beetroot. Oh my goodness the quail was perfectly fried with a crispy coating, and the beetroot textures were so varied, the slices really earthy, the syrup sweet and almost dessert like, the puree wonderfully soft and flavoursome. A really great dish.


Next came a dish where we had a choice between a meat plate and an ocean dish. We chose the ocean catch of crispy skin barramundi, confit potatoes, and bouillabaisse foam. The barra was beautifully fresh, the potatoes soft and tasty, and the foam added another dimension. Another great dish.


That was the end of the entrees and mains and the next dish was a pre-dessert palate cleanser of apple sorbet with lemon snow. The sorbet was crisp pure apple and the snow was incredibly light and melted in the mouth.


The main dessert was a milk chocolate pave, with almond sorbet. Beautiful soft milk chocolate ganache, dreamy soft sponge, silky sorbet, crunchy cocoa bits. A really lovely dessert. I am a dark chocolate fan, but this milk chocolate creation was divine.


The waiter asked if we would like coffee or tea, and we declined, but he brought some petit fours anyway. The plate consisted of hazelnut macarons, dark chocolate truffles, and meringue crisps. The macarons were beautifully made, and the truffles were a mouthful of memorable gorgeous rich chocolate. The meringue crisps were delicate and sweet.


St Michael 6003 gave us an incredibly good meal, and the restaurant now ranks as one of my favourites in Perth. I’ll definitely be back very soon for some more.




Hamptons, City Beach

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We came to City Beach several weeks ago and visited Clancy’s which was a nice experience, so we made a special visit last week to check the menu at Hamptons and make sure that it had several options suitable for my parents. My dad loves a steak, and they had a nice fillet on the menu so we booked for a Thursday night.

It’s an impressive building in an impressive location right on City Beach with a vast inside dining area and a more casual decking area.


We were seated fairly close to the panoramic sea view window just before sunset, and the waitress brought table water. Another waitress took our drinks orders, and I asked for lager shandy for my parents, just one bottle of lager shared between two. Although the waitress seemed to understand what I wanted, a different waiter delivered the drinks, and they were given a full pint glass of lager shandy each! I ordered freshly squeezed orange juice, but received a juice from a bottle – it was okay, but not really what I expected.


We ordered some bread and crispy buttermilk chicken with chilli lime aioli to share as a starter. The chicken was plentiful, and nicely cooked with a beautiful crunchy coating. The aioli could have been plain mayonnaise – I couldn’t detect any lime, chilli or garlic. However it was nice mayonnaise, and the bread with olive oil and balsamic was fresh and tasty.

Apologies for the chicken photo – I didn’t take the picture until we had eaten half of it.


For mains, my dad ordered the beef fillet – medium to well done (not my preference, but he knows what he likes), my mum ordered the gold band snapper, and myself and my husband ordered the prawn and crab linguine.

When my dad’s fillet arrived it was delivered by a different waitress to the one who took the order and she stated that it was medium. Dad questioned this, and the waitress said that she would check with the kitchen, but she didn’t come back. He started to eat it and it was in fact medium, so not his preferred version, but he did enjoy it and ate it all. His only gripe was that the asparagus was very undercooked and he found it unpleasant to eat.


Undercooked veg seemed to be a consistent problem. My mum’s snapper was delicious and the mash was lovely, but the broccolini was almost raw and she left half of the broccolini because she couldn’t eat it. I understand that most veggies are just blanched now, but there’s a fine line between cooking them enough and leaving them almost raw. It felt as if the restaurant staff were very busy and under the pump.

The blue swimmer crab and prawn linguine came with garlic, rocket, tomatoes and chilli. The first thing that we noted was that mine was fairly dry whereas my husband’s portion had a lot of sauce, so we transferred some of his sauce to mine.


The rocket was dry and brittle and to be honest, I left most of it. The pasta was very nice but I did find quite a few shards of crab and prawn shell in it, which made it a bit tricky to eat. I understand that seafood can come with some shell fragments, but I found that I was picking a piece of shell out of every second mouthful. I did eat most of it, but left a pile of prawn tails, shells and fragments.

My husband had a much worse experience with his linguine. He had the same experience as me in terms of shell fragments, but towards the end of his meal, a prawn leg became lodged at the back of his mouth and he started to choke. He rushed off to the gents and was luckily able to dislodge it after retching and coughing, however it did spoil his experience of the meal. He tried another mouthful, but that mouthful had some shell in it, so he left the rest.

When the waitress collected the plates, I asked her to mention this to chef, saying that it wasn’t pleasant to have so many shell fragments and almost choke on the meal. I also mentioned the undercooked veg. When she came back, she pretty much disagreed with us ! She said that she had spoken to chef and the crab meat is ‘bought in’ as a de-shelled item, and she shrugged as if to say it’s not their fault. She then brought the dessert menus, which we decided to ignore.

When paying I told the cashier that the meal was not up to standard and she apologised but did not offer any other compensation. She asked if I wanted to speak to the manager, which I did, and although very apologetic, this is a summary of what she said:

  • you get shell when you order seafood
  • it’s not unusual to have this problem with shellfish pasta
  • the crab is bought in, so they just cook it as it comes
  • the only shell that they leave on is the prawn tails (clearly not true!)
  • we ate most of the meal
  • they have a business to run

She did apologise a lot, and after my dad pointed out that we shouldn’t pay for the linguine, she very reluctantly deducted the cost of one of them. However I could tell that she was unhappy with doing this and I felt that we were being accused of making a fuss over nothing.

Hamptons is a spectacular venue, but the chefs need to take more care with all of the dishes. If they want to charge top class prices then the food should be perfect every time whether they are busy or not. I also wondered why they were not using fresh crab – as a restaurant right next to the ocean, you would expect the fish and shellfish to be freshly prepared, not bought in and pre-packaged. I would expect fish chefs to pick over any crustacean meat to ensure that all shell is removed in the same way that fish should be filleted properly, and if the chef is filleting and preparing fresh shellfish, then they have full control of what goes into the pan.

The customer experience was the worst part of the night- they were very unhappy with any criticism, and I felt that we were not important to them. I won’t return for this reason.

If they had apologised straight away and showed real concern for my husband’s experience then maybe I would give them a second chance, but tonight I left with a very bad taste in my mouth.


Portofinos, Mindarie

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Portofinos is a large restaurant at the Quinn’s end of Mindarie, and it has the advantage of overlooking the ocean. We went there on a Friday evening and it was quite busy and noisy with lots of families dining.

We were directed to a table fairly close to the large windows with a panoramic view of the ocean. The waitress seated us, but it was quite a while before we were offered some drinks.


The menu includes tapas style plates as well as larger mains. We decided to choose some tapas to share. We also chose a glass of Jim Barry Lavender Hill Riesling each, which was okay, but not the best Riesling that I have sampled.

We started with a sharing plate of chicken wings, halloumi, arancini, smoked sausage, mixed pickles, vegetable frittata, olives, dip and flatbread. The bread was nicely made and cooked, and the wings were quite tasty. The halloumi was overly salty and not pleasant to eat and the chorizo was very strongly spiced. In contrast, the frittata needed some seasoning and the other items were okay. The dip was quite nice.


We also chose whitebait – nice standard fare, quite tasty.


Next came a duck spring roll and this was definitely the best dish of the meal, but a bit pricey at $12 for one roll which was cut into 3 pieces (sorry I ate one before taking the pic).


Lastly a chicken pate with pear chutney and turkish bread. The pear chutney really didn’t add anything to the plate. The pate was quite nice though.


So what was the verdict on Portofinos ? It certainly has a great view, and if you have a family it is very child-friendly. It’s not a great place for a date though, because it is noisy and brash. The food was okay, but expensive considering that it wasn’t amazing. The duck spring roll was very nice, but everything else was pretty average.

Island Market, Trigg

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Island Market is the new restaurant right on the beach at Trigg. Situated in the building that used to be Kailis fish cafe, and Trigg Island Cafe before that, it has had a makeover inside. Pastel colours, trees and a lofty airy feel, it still has the great view over the ocean – deal for romantic sunset dinners.

The menu is a tapas style sharing affair with a modern Australian and Mediterranean/middle Eastern vibe.

We chose to start with pita bread and dips. The pitas are freshly made every day and arrived in a quirky pizza style cardboard box. We chose labneh and feta dip and baba ghanoush.

The dips were very moreish, the labneh had a nice garlic hit and the baba ghanoush was smoky with a nice depth of flavour and a sprinkling of sumac and olive oil.

We also chose the crudo of kingfish, nicely presented with piquant tomato, peppers, olives, cucumbers, slivers of red onion and a sherry vinaigrette.


Next came a small portion of fish and chips – supremely fresh snapper, and served with lemon and aioli:

Even though we were getting full, we tucked into the next two dishes of fried cauliflower with hummus, pomegranate and molasses, and chicken wings, adobo and pickles.

The cauliflower was delicious and the wings had a smoky flavour. They came with some quirky dehydrated hand towels. You pop the little discs in the water and they grow and rehydrate before your eyes:


We really were too full for dessert but couldn’t resist the liquorice ice cream with dulce de leche and bitter chocolate crumble. I love liquorice ice cream and this version was very well made and packed with flavour.


A very good meal with a beautiful view and nice wines on the menu. Will I be going back to Island Market ? Certainly yes, but I don’t think we’ll order quite as much this time – the portions were quite filling.

Click here to visit the Island Market website

Market Eating House, Bunbury

This is a restaurant at 9 Victoria Street in Bunbury. The outside is unassuming, and old fashioned building with a purple facade, it just blends in to the row of shops, but make no mistake this is a hidden gem.Capture

Inside the restaurant has a homely but slightly industrial feel with exposed brick walls. The staff are really friendly and knowledgeable – we arrived a little early and sat at the bar for an aperitif. On the advice of the bar waitress we chose a glass of Rieslingfreak no 3 which was a very tasty Riesling and an excellent choice.


The menu is designed for sharing and has a Middle Eastern feel to it. Market’s philosophy is to use sustainable and ethically sourced local ingredients, and the wood fired oven is the centrepiece of the restaurant.

We chose the ‘Feed me more’ menu where the chef selects a variety of dishes from the menu including dessert – this option is $62 per head.

The first dishes to arrive were a basket of homemade bread, hummus with ground lamb, raisins and ras el hanout (which is a spice mix), smoked and spiced nuts, and olives. Every mouthful was delicious and the bread was lovely and fresh.

The next three dishes were equally tasty:

Turkish lamb sausages with pickled onion and cracked almonds.


Smoked snapper croquettes with caper leaf mayo:


Harissa chicken wings with a dill yoghurt dip:


Every dish was very thoughtfully constructed and the flavours matched well. The chef has clearly thought about texture and flavour when devising the menu and the quality of ingredients shines through. We couldn’t wait for the next dishes !

The next set of dishes were the larger, main course component of the meal.

The beef was served with enoki mushrooms, stout, burnt onions and salsa verde, absolutely divine with the beef melting in the mouth.


The cypriot grain salad with pomegranate and yoghurt was delicious. Who knew that grains could taste so good !


The kale salad with onion and garlic crisps was also divine, tasty and filling.


The slaw with cabbage, radish, sunflower and pepitas was very morish.


Then barramundi fillet with chermoula (a spice rub), broccoli, capers and mint – beautifully cooked with a crispy skin and soft fresh flesh, tasted superb on the palate.


We finished up with sticky date pudding and home made ice cream.


In summary, a wonderful meal. Everything very carefully constructed and beautifully prepared. The restaurant was packed to the rafters, and even when we were finishing up around 9pm, more diners were coming in. For a little town like Bunbury, this is a diamond of a restaurant, and somewhere that I would be very happy to return to.

Click here to visit the Market Eating House website.

Vat 2, Bunbury

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Vat 2 is a restaurant with a lovely outlook across the jetty at Bunbury, and the menu is quite exciting with a combination of cocktails, share plates and larger dishes. It’s a nice big area with a variety of contemporary artwork.


20170908_185418I started with a blue cocktail containing galliano and blue curacao – very nice.


We chose our dishes from the tapas style sharing menu.

The first one to arrive was a tray of asian prawn dumplings, and they were delicious, topped with tobiko (flying fish roe), a really nice umami start to our meal.


The second dish was pork belly. I generally love pork belly when it is cooked well – it needs to be cooked so that the pork is really tender, and the fat either melting or beautifully crispy. I found myself separating the pork from the fat and the crackling and felt that it could have been prepared with more care. The pork was nice, the crackling was nice, but there was a chewy layer of fat in between that was unpleasant, and I left the fat on the plate.


We also ordered a salad which was a nice contrast to the meaty dishes. The dressing was good, and there was plenty of capsicum, cucumber and tomato.


The next dish was a Japanese fisherman’s basket. Fish, squid and soft shell crab in crispy tempura batter with mayo. What a disappointment. Not a massive portion for $26, and it was soggy where it had been cooked in oil that was not hot enough. After eating a few pieces of fish and attempting to cut the crab (which just oozed oil everywhere), we left it. Not pleasant at all.20170908_194537

Lastly we had BBQ chicken ribs which were cooked nicely and had a lovely crispy coating.


So what did we think of Vat 2 ? It’s quite an expensive restaurant and the menu is full of promise. The food is generally nice but doesn’t deliver on all fronts and not worth the price tag. The waitress did offer a part refund (10%) for the fisherman’s basket but to be honest, taking $2.60 off the bill didn’t really make us feel much better. The dumplings were definitely the star dish, the BBQ chicken was nice, but quite a safe dish, and the rest wasn’t really cooked with the care that you would expect from a restaurant with a sophisticated menu.

It was a Friday night and the place should have been buzzing, but it wasn’t very busy, and I think I know why.

Gusto, Noosaville

Gusto Riverfront Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

We came to Gusto because it had been recommended by a taxi driver earlier in the day. We didn’t book, but secured a table fairly quickly. The menu was nice but not particularly inspiring – not one of those menus where you can’t decide because everything sounds amazing.

I hadn’t eaten oysters for a while so I chose half a dozen and my companion chose a smoked trout and potato pancake with beetroot relish, horseradish and dill butter.


The oysters were beautifully fresh and came with a nice onion and watermelon salsa – they definitely satisfied my oyster craving.


The pancake was delicious, with a full trout and potato flavour – a very nice dish where the flavours matched well.

For main I chose the salmon with a date and pistachio couscous, rocket and lemon. The fish was high quality, beautifully cooked, and the couscous was a nice amount and full of delicious complementary flavours.


My companion chose the spatchcock chicken with crispy prosciutto, a broad bean risotto, watercress and parmesan. He thoroughly enjoyed it – again lots of nice well-matched flavours and a well executed dish.


We enjoyed Gusto and would return, but I would like to see a much more appealing menu. The chef is clearly very talented, but the menu is lacking and maybe it’s the way that it is written or explained. I would also have liked a special option for the main course – a special starter was offered, but not a main. A very nice meal, but an underplayed menu.

Seaduction – Surfer’s Paradise QLD

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Seaduction is a modern Australian fine dining restaurant and bar in the Soul Building at Surfer’s Paradise. It boasts an attractive position overlooking the beach on the main Esplanade road.

When we walked in the ambience was quietly sophisticated with a nice simple and classy decor and smooth jazzy background music playing. The staff were friendly and warm and led us to a wonderful table near the window. The menu has a choice of a la carte, degustation/tasting menus and wine matching.


Soul Building Foyer


Seaduction Restaurant

We chose the 5 course degustation menu, which actually turned out to be 7 courses including the tomato bread at the start and the coffee/petit fours at the end.


The bread with herbs and tomatoes was flavoursome and attractive to look at, quite substantial and a very nice start to the meal while we sipped on a glass of sauvignon blanc.


The first course from the menu was beetroot and sugar cured ocean trout, local sand crab rillettes, lotus crisps, yuzu pearls and lime emulsion. The little yuzu pearls were bursting with citrus flavour, the trout was fresh and delicious and the crab very moreish. A wonderful start to the evening.


The second course was Bangalow pork belly, twice cooked in tamarind and yellow rock sugar, green paw paw salad and black Asian vinegar. Tender and tasty, with a hint of spice, this was a beautifully constructed course and a perfect amount.


Course three consisted of lasagne of Harvey bay scallops, tempura foie gras, caviar and sea foam. Chef was generous with the scallops which were the star of the dish, beautifully enveloped in silky pasta and complemented by the other flavours on the plate.


Next came green tea house smoked duck breast, duck and shiitake spring rolls, sour cherry gel, hoisin and orange marmalade. A very appealing dish to look at, and a wonderful example of duck served in a combination of ways with classic hoisin, cherry and orange flavours. Lots of nice flavours and textures to tempt the tastebuds.


Dessert was coconut pannacota, passion fruit sorbet, ginger and passion fruit curd macaroon with elderflower gel. The pannacotta was beautifully silky, the sorbet wonderfully zingy, and the macaron perfectly constructed. A nice light dessert, again with lots of interest on the plate.



Petit Fours

We finished with coffee and some delectable petit fours to complete a perfect meal. Every course was a treat, well thought out and beautifully put together. Definitely a location to return to for a wonderful treat.

Click Here to access the Seaduction website


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