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Pixel Coffee Roasters, Leederville

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Pixel is a cafe that sits on Oxford Street about halfway down, away from the main Leederville hubbub and close to Bourke Street.

There are tables inside and out, but not a lot of them. We started off seated at the coffee bar and the moved to a table as one became available.


The menu is quite varied with healthy bowls, chia pudding, and brunch options and Pixel are famous for their array of milks. If you don’t drink dairy, they have pretty much every other option you could need.

I chose the banana smoothies with coconut milk, a lovely thick banana honey smoothie with cinnamon – absolutely yum.


My partner chose a decaf soy coffee, a Colombian blend which was rich and smooth, you couldn’t tell it was decaf by the flavour.


I chose the Pix Plate to eat – a potato and herb hash with poached eggs, prosciutto, peas, sprouts, parmesan and lemon oil. What a lovely combination. The oozy eggs soaked over the potato hash, the parmesan added a salty piquant hit as did the prosciutto. Posh bacon and eggs with a twist.


My partner chose the Mushroom Ragu, rich braised mushrooms with tomato and fennel, on two pieces of Mary St Bakery sourdough, with fried eggs, peas shoots, crushed walnuts and smashed avocado. He really enjoyed it.


The staff were nice and really enjoyed serving the customers, and the cold take away cabinet looked very appealing. There was a steady stream of take away customers. I’d definitely go back to Pixel, it’s good honest healthy food, well prepared and nicely seasoned.

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F5 Coffee Co, Belmont

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F5 Coffee Co is an unassuming cafe in amongst some local shops on Belvidere Street in the airport suburb of Belmont. It’s clean and tidy with an appealing cake and sandwich cabinet and a menu with an Asian twist. They serve 5 Senses coffee which is a bonus, and today’s blend was a special roast (made especially for the cafe) of Ethiopian and Brazilian beans. It was smooth and delicious – no sugar needed to sweeten this coffee – and we loved our soy latte and soy flat white.

It was hard to choose something from the menu because everything sounded great, from toasted bagels and big brekky, to Lamington style French toast , zucchini, corn and sweet potato fritters, tom yum salad, and truffled mushroom ragu.

Eventually I settled for a nasi goreng and oh my goodness it didn’t disappoint. Served with a wedge of lemon and sriracha sauce, it was beautifully spicy, but not overly so, and contained the most delicious selection of capsicum, beans, chilli, chicken and prawns, all topped off with a wonderfully dippy fried egg. I ate the lot and enjoyed every mouthful.


My partner chose the pulled pork benny, served on sourdough toast with a sriracha hollandaise, bbq sauce, and perfectly cooked poached eggs. The pulled pork was soft and melting, the combination of flavours on each forkful really complimentary, sweet, hot and savoury. Absolutely delicious.


We really enjoyed our visit to F5 and will definitely return next time we are down in Belmont. The service was friendly and it’s a place where the locals all know each other and get a warm welcome from the staff. Ooh that Lamington French toast – I can’t wait to try it !

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Kinky Lizard, East Perth

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Kinky Lizard is located on Royal Street, near Haig Park. Just a stroll from the riverfront, it’s a magnet for cyclists stopping by for their morning coffee and locals alike. The cafe has been around for years which is a testament to its quality offerings.

There is an outdoor seating area that is somewhat protected, as well as indoor tables. They serve breakfast, brunch and lunch, and everything is prepared with care and love.

Coffee is smooth and rich, the flat white and soy cappuccino were both delicious.

The chalkboard had a range of tempting smoothies on offer – I must try the peanut butter brownie version soon.


The menu was full of great choices, I probably could have chosen anything and I would have been happy with it, but I settled for a Kinky Bruschetta with pulled pork, red pepper spread, capsicum, labne and pomegranate salsa. I also had a choice of bread and I chose rye. This was a beautifully constructed dish, the pulled pork nicely cooked, with a lovely spicy backdrop of peppers, and the slightly sweet pomegranate contrast, the labne was thick, creamy and moreish, and altogether the plate was one of the best plates that I have tasted for brunch. My only criticism would be that the bread was slightly soggy in places and it would have been nice to have an additional slice on the side to add the crunch element.


My partner chose an eggs benny with bacon. As eggs benny goes, it was a classic, well prepared dish with great crispy bacon and perfectly poached eggs.


This is one of East Perth’s finest. Make sure that you drop in next time you are here for a riverside stroll.

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Distrykt Coffee, Beldon

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I used to live in Beldon and felt quite nostalgic visiting this coffee shop. It’s situated at the smaller Beldon shopping centre in Gunter Grove, and is a nice clean welcoming shop.



There is seating inside and outside, and lots of healthy looking savouries and nice muffins and pastries in the cabinet. We didn’t eat on our visit but were impressed with the great coffee and the very fresh juice.


The cafe seems to be linked to Kinky Lizard in East Perth as the menu mentions Kinky Lizard Espresso Roast. I also love Kinky Lizard, so that’s a good sign. The staff were also really friendly and seemed to know all of the locals.



I will definitely return to sample the food, but I can vouch for the drinks – they were great and nicely prepared. Lovely little local gem.





Felix & Co. Specialty Coffee, Nedlands

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Felix is a small coffee bar in Hampden Road, Nedlands, with some tall stools and tables inside plus one outdoor table. However, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in quality.

They serve a few toasties, pastries and cakes, but it’s all about the coffee here – coffee is clearly their passion.


There were 2 special single origins on offer when we visited, and we chose to try the Guatemalan ‘Huehuetenango’ with tasting notes of milk chocolate, red berries and almond. The other single origins available was a Rwandan ‘Kabuye’ – earl grey, baked orange and honey. A loaded seasonal blend with tatsing notes of super juicy, vanilla, apple, berry, caramel and chocolate was also available. This was just the list for espresso roast.

Other options included the batch brew Mantis blend and the cold brew Honduran ‘Juan Contreras’, and no less than 5 filter coffee single origin options from Costa Rica, Honduras and Rwanda.

We both chose the Huehuetenango – I chose an iced soy version and my partner chose a flat white.



Luscious, rich, smooth, and displaying a complex palate of flavours, this coffee certainly brought a smile to our faces. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly, and they all share the love for the humble coffee bean. The cafe also sells beans to use at home as well as other coffee related paraphernalia. We’ll definitely be back to explore the menu further.



Matthew Thomas, 50 Eagle Terrace, Sandgate QLD

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Matthew Thomas is a lovely little art cafe on the coast road overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Sandgate.


We arrived for brunch on a Sunday and it was fairly busy. The menu was full of nice choices and it was difficult to decide, but I opted for a mt classic which is eggs, bacon, tomato and sourdough while my companion chose the grande breakfast.

Other options on the menu included pancakes, waffles, muesli, salmon, and eggs benedict.

I had an almond and nutella shake which was delicious, and the coffee was also very good.


Every element of the mt classic was done well. The bacon and eggs were full of flavour, the sourdough nicely made and not too crunchy like some sourdoughs can be.


The grande was equally flavoursome with delicious corn and vegetable fritters, succulent mushrooms, eggs and bacon.


This is a nice location and everything is served well and nicely presented.

Matthew Thomas could be a brunch favourite for me.

Later photos from Matthew Thomas (yes we go back regularly):


Salmon with corn fritters


Bean Dream with cheese toast

La Patisserie / La Galette de France – Mends St South Perth

La Patisserie South Perth Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Strawberry Tart

Strawberry Tart

I am a bit confused to see this cafe called ‘La Patisserie’ on Urbanspoon – I have always known it as another outlet of La Galette de France, so not sure if it has changed hands in the past year.

Anyway, naming aside, this is one of the few cafes in Perth that consistently delivers good coffee and good pastries.

Known for their almond croissants, they produce simply the best almond croissants that you will find in Perth. I have tried to reproduce them at home, and although I have made a good attempt, I cannot make croissants with the same crispiness and flavour.

Almond Croissant

Almond Croissant

When you ask for coffee in a mug, you get a decent sized mug, the iced coffee is amazing, and the hot chocolate is pretty awesome too. They managed to make me a lovely soy hot chocolate, and every hot drink comes with a little sweet palmier biscuit.

The coffee is always good quality – not always the same brand though – I have known them to use blends from Antz inya Pantz as well as Five Senses among others. For the uninitiated, Antz inya Pantz is a coffee shop in Vic Park on the Albany Highway which was opened by a guy who just loves good coffee – he really goes the extra mile to source the best beans.

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

As for pastries, it is so hard to decide because they all look delicious, danishes, macarons, tarts etc., and if that wasn’t enough they have a crepe menu too.

The staff are mainly young and French, their lovely accents adding an extra touch of delight to the whole experience.

I can’t praise this cafe enough, I have been coming here for years, making the journey down to South Perth, and I truly believe that this is the best of the La Galette outlets. It is just a short stroll from the South Perth foreshore, and parking is relatively easy, there are usually a few ‘1 hour’ spaces in the next street – Harper Terrace.

If you make the journey too, you won’t be disappointed.


What do you think of when you think of Tiramisu? Is it creamy, is it chocolatey, is it custardy? I imagine that every Italian home and restaurant has their own special recipe, but the one that I really enjoy that reminds me of Italy is the recipe that I devised after tasting the house speciality tiramisu at Alla Rampa Restaurant in Rome. Alla Rampa is just under the Spanish Steps, and I was so impressed with the dessert that I went back for seconds the next night. Their version is dished up from a large flat baking tray, and is coffee and sponge covered in the most delightfully light custard with marscapone and sprinkled with powdered chocolate. No creamy layers or chocolate layers in sight. I once made this for Nancy Lam and she cleaned up the dish by scooping out the remnants with her fingers and licking them, such an amazing compliment from a great lady.

If you are ever in Rome, please make sure that you pay a visit to Alla Rampa to try this amazing dessert. If you are not likely to go to Rome in the near future, follow the recipe below and let me know what you think – I hope you love it. The quantities are approximate because I made the recipe up, please feel free to adjust them to suit your taste.


1 pack of Boudoir or Savoiardi biscuits (these are sponge fingers which soak up the coffee and liqueur)

1 coffee based liqueur miniature such as Tia Maria or Kahlua (approx 100mls)

1 cup of strong black coffee (e.g. use 3 heaped teaspoons of instant coffee, or if you prefer, make ‘proper’ coffee) cooled

4 eggs – separated – whisk 2 of the whites into stiff peaks, save the other 2 whites for when you want to make a meringue

100g caster sugar

4 level tablespoons plain flour

4 level tablespoons cornflour

600mls milk

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

250g – 300g marscapone

chocolate powder for sprinkling

1. Take a large shallow dish and arrange the savoiardi biscuits in the dish so that the base is completely covered. If you have an oval dish like me, you will need to line the biscuits up like soldiers and then break some to fill the gaps around the edge.

2. Pour the liqueur over the biscuits trying to ensure that each biscuit gets a splash of liqueur. Now pour the coffee over the biscuits – use half the coffee first and see how it goes. The biscuits are very absorbent, so you are likely to need all of the coffee.

3. Whisk together 4 egg yolks and the sugar until thick and pale. Beat in the flour and cornflour along with a large splash of the milk.

4. Heat the rest of the milk in a medium-large saucepan until almost boiling, and pour it onto the egg mixture, stirring constantly.

5. Now tip the whole mixture back into the saucepan (use a spatula to scrape every drop out of the bowl), and heat again on a low heat, stirring all the time (otherwise it will stick). When it has boiled and thickened, remove it from the heat.

6. Fold in the whisked egg whites and return to the heat for a few minutes, you can also add the vanilla extract at this point.

7. Remove from the heat, cool for a few minutes and stir in the marscapone. The marscapone should melt quite nicely into the mixture, keep stirring until it is smooth and lovely (taste a nice big spoonful just to be sure). You can add extra marscapone if you like a creamier texture, it’s up to you.

8. When it has cooled down sufficiently, it can be lukewarm, but not hot, pour it over the soaked biscuits so that all of the biscuits are covered.

9. Using a sieve, sprinkle chocolate powder over the top so that it is completely covered. Chill for at least an hour, and serve only to your most deserving friends.

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