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Satsuki, Subiaco

Satsuki Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Update 2020 : After a recent visit we found that Satsuki have a much reduced menu and appear to have changed management. There are no scallops nanban, or nigiri on the menu, although the signature tuna tataki is still there. We found the dishes to be equally good in appearance, but  somewhat lacking in flavour – not quite the finesse that this restaurant used to exude.

Previous review:

I love Satsuki, it is always consistently good. The menu is designed for sharing – tapas style, high quality, and not the standard Japanese fare. To have a reasonable sized dinner, I would recommend 6 dishes between two people. I would say that Satsuki’s signature dish is the spicy tuna tataki, which is always delicious. The menu has had a makeover in recent years, and we return again and again.

sat 8
Here are some of our favourite dishes:

Tuna Tataki:

sat 12

Yuzu Chuhai (a wonderful drink made with Japanese shochu and yuzu):
sat 1

Miso Soup:

Sea pollock with some tempura beans and an agedashi broth – lovely rich agedashi and fresh fish:
sat 13

Beautifully prepared duck with fried leek and salted onion, and very helpfully divided into two portions with a nitsume sauce reduction (eel broth, mirin, soy, and sugar):
sat 14

Scallop Nanban (this dish is amazing):
sat 15

Eggplant Dengaku:
sat 16

Chicken breast wrapped in nori (seaweed) and tempura batter, served with ume plum sauce and a ponzu dip:
sat 5

Egg yolk tempura, lotus roots and bacon salad:
sat 6

Duck and Wagyu beef:
sat 7

sat 1a

sat 2a

Sashimi Salad with tempura ginger:
sat 4a

Beef Nitsuke with braised daikon radish:
sat 5a

Chirashi sushi:
sat 6a

Mixed Nigiri:

Last Visit Date – Nov 2020

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Nobu, Perth

Nobu Perth Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

nobu 1

Nobu in Perth is one of two branches in Australia (the other one is in Melbourne), a cool sophisticated restaurant located in the Crown Casino complex at Burswood. Sleek and stylish it is similar to other Nobu branches around the world, and this one has the advantage of overlooking the hotel pool, and has an interesting ceiling centrepiece of glass coloured baubles.

nobu 13

The menu is quite varied with nibbles, oysters, sashimi, salad, tempura, wagyu, lobster, gyoza, sushi, and various signature hot and cold dishes.
We chose mocktails to drink.
A Nobu sunrise – Pineapple, Orange, Passionfruit Juice, Sugar Syrup & Grenadine – with a wonderful dehydrated slice of orange on top – yum.

nobu 3

A Berry Mule – Fresh Lemon, Raspberries, Grenadine & Ginger Beer – with a mountain peach.

nobu 4

Our first dish to arrive was a special of the day. Salmon sashimi with nashi pear, truffle oil, yuzu and chives. It was quite nice but the truffle was a little overpowering for the delicate salmon.

nobu 5

Next came sashimi salad with matsuhisa dressing – a favourite of ours. The dressing is made from finely chopped onion, rice vinegar, mustard powder, sesame oil and soy. The seared tuna went beautifully with the leaves and dressing.

nobu 6

Next came the best dish of the night. Tempura soft shell crab harumaki – beautifully cooked crab inside a crispy tempura batter served with a reduction and a wasabi mayonnaise. The mayo was just right, just enough wasabi to taste it without dominating the dish. Every mouthful was a delight, and the dish was served with some very addictive pickled vegetables.

nobu 7

Next came Pepper Crusted Seabass with Balsamic Teriyaki. A beautiful seabass portion sitting on the sauce with lotus root chips, spring onion and pak choy. The crust was nice and crispy, and the fish really fresh and just flaking apart nicely. Another really good dish with the flavour of the crust being a nice contrast to the soft flesh.

nobu 8

Next was Pork Belly Spicy Miso Caramel. Melt in the mouth pork belly with a delicious sticky sauce – another great choice.

nobu 9

The last main dish consisted of two maki rolls and some miso soup. If you thought that all miso soups were the same, then I urge you to try Nobu’s miso soup. Such a wonderful umami flavour with beautiful silken tofu and seaweed.

nobu 10

Maki rolls are fairly standard Japanese fare, and I didn’t really expect them to blow me away, but they really delivered at Nobu. I loved how they were very tightly rolled so that they didn’t fall apart on dipping, and the ingredients were top quality. The salmon skin rolls contained lovely crunchy salmon skin and flesh with some veggies to contrast the seasoning of the salmon. Then the little spicy tuna rolls wrapped in seaweed were explosions of flavour, great quality tuna with a nice chilli hit.

nobu 11

For dessert we chose Nobu alfajores (South American cornstarch cookies with dulce de leche), and a Nobu cheesecake. The alfajores were a yuzu flavoured shortbread with yuzu curd, chocolate ganache, dulce de leche ice cream and candied puffed buckwheat.
The cheesecake was small but perfectly formed, baked (our preference to whipped) with passionfruit sorbet and raspberry sauce. A really wonderful selection of desserts to complete the meal, with a ‘Happy Anniversary’ thrown in.

nobu 12

Everything at Nobu is made well with quality ingredients. This comes at a premium price, but it really is the perfect location for a special occasion.

Last Visit Date – November 2018

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Sakana, Clayfield, Brisbane, QLD

Sakana Japanese Dining Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sakana is in a group of shops just on Sandgate Road, it is quite a large cafe with a casual atmosphere.
The menu is quite extensive, featuring hot and cold appetisers, sushi, sashimi, bento boxes, curry, rice and noodle bowls, and tempura. We chose edamame to nibble on while waiting for our mains. This was plentiful and fresh.

Sakana 1

We shared some prawn gyoza – they were steamed and tasty and had a dipping sauce.

Sakana 3

I chose my favourite Agedashi Tofu. This is a dish which is impossible to eat with chopsticks so I was glad to have a spoon. The tofu was nicely coated in potato starch and had been very lightly fried. The broth was tasty with a lovely savoury umami flavour – definitely one of the nicest I have had.

Sakana 2

We shared some sashimi of omelette, scallop, tuna, salmon and white fish. It was good quality and very fresh and came with pickled ginger and lovely hot wasabi.

Sakana 5

My companion chose a sushi roll containing spicy tuna and tempura prawn. This was plentiful and it had lots of nice contrasting textures and flavours.

Sakana 4

We were very full at the end of the meal and enjoyed everything that we had. The cafe is also licensed and sells Japanese beers, sake and sake jelly drinks.
We will definitely return – it’s local and extremely good.

Last Visit – October 2016

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D’s Authentic Japanese, Connolly

D's Authentic Japanese Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

In the middle of Connolly shopping centre, not far from Connolly golf course, sits a wonderful oasis of Japanese food called D’s Authentic Japanese. It’s been on my radar to try D’s for a while, but I’ve been put off by the pricey menu, wondering if this food can really be as great as Perth stalwarts like Ha-Lu and Satsuki.


We arrived for a 6:30pm table expecting the restaurant to be almost empty, but it wasn’t. A steady stream of diners arrived and were seated, as we sat and perused the menu to the jazzy sounds of the background music.
Not all of the menu is designed for sharing, so we asked for some advice from the friendly waiters and decided to go for pickles, dengaku and sashimi to start, followed by beef tataki and assorted tempura for mains.
We opened proceedings with a cheeky, delicious, (and reasonably priced) glass of prosecco.


The pickles were crunchy and delicious consisting of daikon, celery, cauliflower, cucumber, carrot, and another unidentified vegetable which I suspected to be turnip or sweet potato.


Sashimi consisted of 10 pieces, a mixture of John Dory, Ruby snapper, yellowfin tuna, Tasmanian salmon, and kingfish. Every morsel was fresh and tasty with a generous serving of good quality wasabi provided on the platter. For me, the ruby snapper was the star.


The Garden Dengaku – twice cooked eggplant with miso flakes and microherbs was
absolutely divine. I would have been perfectly happy with a main course version of this and nothing else! The eggplant was the perfect texture and full of flavour and struck all of those umami notes that I like about Japanese food.


The tempura was a great assortment – prawns, potato, different types of mushroom, green beans etc. Great tempura batter and a lovely dipping sauce and a green tea spice powder.


The beef tataki with ponzu and spring onion was equally delicious. Delicate slices of good quality beef beautifully presented. The chef came out to make sure that we were enjoying everything – he seemed very happy that we polished off the whole meal.


We also had some miso and rice. The miso was great – warming, delicious and umami.


So what’s the verdict on D’s Authentic Japanese? The quality of food and ingredients is clear, everything was made with care, well presented and very very tasty. The location is a bit unusual, and the prices are undeniably expensive. If I spent the same at one of my other favourite Japanese restaurants, I would definitely have received more food, however the quality at D’s is outstanding, and the restaurant is a hit with the locals. I’ll go back for more, but keep this one up my sleeve as a ‘special occasion’ restaurant.

Visit Date – January 2019

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