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Lily Paris, Fremantle

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Lily Paris is a little coffee shop and patisserie just on the edge of Fremantle markets in South Terrace. They are only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, like the rest of the markets. Famous for their macarons, an array of beautifully presented cakes and macarons is on display.

lp 1

Lily Paris also provides savoury snacks, paninis and toasties.

lp 2
lp 3
lp 4

After much deliberation we chose two cakes to take away – a lemon meringue croughnut which the lady made up fresh and blow-torched right there and then, and a chocolate caramel tart.

lp 5

This was delicious, a lovely crispy croughnut with a tangy lemon curd filling and a soft meringue. Yum.

lp 6

The chocolate caramel had thin short pastry with a rich dark chocolate ganache, nice dark caramel which wasn’t too sweet, and delectable truffle balls all round with a crispy chocolate disc on top. Equally yum and a very grown up dessert.
When you are in Freo on the weekend, save your sweet treat for Lily Paris – you won’t be disappointed.

Visit Date – April 2018

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Mr Munchies, Mount Lawley

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I was very keen to try out this new sushi bar in Mount Lawley – everybody seems to be talking about it. I am still lamenting the management change that happened to Yuzu just around the corner – and since the ‘old’ Yuzu went, I have missed good quality, exciting, consistent sushi.
The reservation was quite difficult – the staff did not seem to understand me, but I managed to make a reservation eventually – good job that I did because it is a very small place. It is not really a place to linger – very canteen style, and they serve you quickly to maintain a good turnover of customers. You can invent your own sushi, but I decided to choose from the menu.

Karaage Chicken:

mm 1

Tuna and Avocado Roll:

mm 2

Spider roll with soft shell crab:

mm 3

The portions were generous, and I found them difficult to eat. I like my sushi portions to be mouthful – if I have to bite into them they invariably fall apart and make a mess on the plate. I liked the variety – it annoys me when sushi bars serve mainly salmon and cooked tuna.
The sushi was nice, but nothing outstanding, and certainly not good enough to have me trekking back to Mount Lawley on a regular basis like Yuzu used to.

Visit Date – December 2012

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Kobe Sushi, Whitfords

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Kobe sushi has been serving up great Japanese options for many years at Whitford City Hillarys. There are a few vegan things on the menu – delicious vegetable tempura, and vegetable sushi rolls. There are bento box options and donburi as well as items in the cold cabinet. I chose the tempura with udon noodle soup. This was freshly made to order.

kobe 1

The tempura veggies were beautifully crispy, a selection of onion, potato, broccoli, zucchini, and sweet potato served with a tentsuyu sauce. The noodles were nicely soft and in a delicious broth.

kobe 2

Kobe is definitely a good choice for lunch when you are shopping at Whitfords.

Last Visit Date – January 2020

Kinky Lizard, East Perth

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Kinky Lizard is located on Royal Street, near Haig Park. Just a stroll from the riverfront, it’s a magnet for cyclists stopping by for their morning coffee and locals alike. The cafe has been around for years which is a testament to its quality offerings. There is an outdoor seating area that is somewhat protected, as well as indoor tables. They serve breakfast, brunch and lunch, and everything is prepared with care and love. Coffee is smooth and rich, the flat white and soy cappuccino were both delicious.

kl 1
kl 2

The chalkboard had a range of tempting smoothies on offer – I must try the peanut butter brownie version soon.

kl 3

The menu was full of great choices, I probably could have chosen anything and I would have been happy with it, but I settled for a Kinky Bruschetta with pulled pork, red pepper spread, capsicum, labne and pomegranate salsa. I also had a choice of bread and I chose rye. This was a beautifully constructed dish, the pulled pork nicely cooked, with a lovely spicy backdrop of peppers, and the slightly sweet pomegranate contrast, the labne was thick, creamy and moreish, and altogether the plate was one of the best plates that I have tasted for brunch. My only criticism would be that the bread was slightly soggy in places
and it would have been nice to have an additional slice on the side to add the crunch element.

kl 5

My partner chose an eggs benny with bacon. As eggs benny goes, it was a classic, well prepared dish with great crispy bacon and perfectly poached eggs.

kl 4

This is one of East Perth’s finest. Make sure that you drop in next time you are here for a riverside stroll.

Last Visit Date – February 2018

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Katsuya, Joondalup

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Katsuya is a wonderful Japanese restaurant/cafe in the centre of Joondalup CBD located in the Central Walk area between Reid Promenade and Boas Avenue.
It is quite spacious inside with plenty of seating, and has a busy takeaway service and a faithful lunch patronage. The menu consists of many regular japanese starters – gyoza, spring rolls, octopus balls, agedashi tofu, crab claws etc. They also provide a range of sushi rolls, sashimi, tempura, bento boxes and katsu/teriyaki sets. Unlicensed, there is a range of soft drinks and Asian drinks in the fridge, and the waiters are always happy to provide chilled tap water.
We chose some spring rolls and gyoza to share. There are 5 in each portion but I forgot to take the spring roll picture before we ate some.

kat 1
kat 2

The spring rolls were nice, served with a sweet chilli sauce, and the gyoza were plump and juicy. A very good start.
I chose a high protein meal of agedashi tofu and mixed sashimi. The agedashi consisted of three large pieces of tofu and some tempura vegetables in a lovely tentsuyu broth. The silken tofu is dusted with potato starch and deep fried giving a lovely contrast of textures.

kat 3

The mixed sashimi was beautifully fresh and skilfully cut, served with spinach,
light soy and wasabi. Some of the best sashimi I have tasted worldwide.

kat 4

My companions ate teriyaki salmon bento and a katsu curry set.
The bento boxes contained a portion of teriyaki salmon with rice, salad, edamame, and miso soup. Every element was well presented and tasty, the salmon very fresh, and the sauce sweet and luscious.

kat 5

The katsu curry was also well presented. The chicken was a nice thickness in a lovely crispy crumb with a mild and fruity flavoured curry sauce. It was accompanied by a miso soup and a bowl of salad.

kat 6

The staff at Katsuya are very helpful and willing to answer all questions about the menu. Everything is served with a smile and created with care. This restaurant serves food of a high standard and is well loved by the locals. I will definitely be a regular at Katsuya.

Last Visit Date – March 2020

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Imli, Joondalup

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Imli is an Indian restaurant on Reid Promenade in Joondalup. They have an extensive menu which includes several vegetarian and vegan options. We found that asking the wait staff to make the dishes dairy free, they substituted coconut milk and coconut yoghurt where they could.
Veggie samosas are a great starter option, but quite filling.

imli 1

Dhal is always a favourite and good for providing protein. Tarka dhal is delicious.

imli 2

Mushroom muttar is a delicious spicy curry of mushrooms and peas.

imli 3

The naans are great and beautifully prepared – pillowy and delicious. We choose methi naans with fenugreek leaves.

imli 4

The rice is always beautifully cooked too – lovely separate grains.

imli 5

Other vegan favourites are bhindi masala (okra) probably my go to dish on the whole menu. The bhindi is always fresh, not tinned or frozen.

imli 6

We also like the aloo gobi – potatoes and cauliflower.

imli 7

Imli has a great vegan and vegetarian selection and is consistently good. They also have the standard meat options for those who eat meat, so there is something for everybody and you won’t be disappointed.

Last Visit Date – February 2020

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Chocolate Twists

I made chocolate twists today using my favourite croissant dough recipe, and they were so delicious that I think I should immediately give up work and manufacture chocolate twists for a living.

choc twist

The recipe can be varied to use dairy free spread, but you would probably need less of the dairy free spread or vegan butter.

My success with croissant dough has been a bit up and down, so I have been holding off posting a recipe until I got it just right, but I think this week has taught me that if you leave the dough in the fridge for a few days (e.g. 4-5 days) it just gets better and better.
I also love the maths and science associated with this dough, because the reason that the layers puff up is because the butter creates steam when placed in a very hot oven, so the key thing is to have lots of layers of butter within the pastry, and to have the oven hot when you put the dough in to cook. Please don’t be put off by the dough recipe, it really is quite simple. I recommend rolling and folding it five times, but each roll and fold is very quick, and I can have this dough made and in the fridge in half an hour easily.

The number of rolls and folds is very important. The first fold gives you 3 layers, the second fold gives you 9 layers, the third fold gives you 27 layers, the fourth fold gives you 81 layers, and the fifth fold gives you 243 layers. You can go on and do further folds if you like, but I find that five is sufficient.
The following quantity will make 6 croissants or chocolate twists plus you should have a little bit left to make a little sampler piece – every time I cook I like to make a little taster portion so that I can eat some straight from the oven without breaking into the main yield. If you need a larger quantity, just increase the amounts accordingly.

Dough Recipe
1 cup (150g) of plain flour
37mls water
37mls milk
14g sugar
18g melted butter
a quarter of a tablespoon of yeast
half a teaspoon of salt
70g butter slightly soft

1. Flatten the 70g portion of butter between two sheets of baking parchment to form a square approximately 13-14cm square. Wrap it in the parchment and place it in the fridge.

2. Mix all the other ingredients together in a bowl. Stir with a spatula to combine and as they come together, use your hands to knead the dough into a ball. If you have time, wrap it in cling film and place it in the fridge for approx 30 minutes.

3. Roll out the dough onto a floured surface into a large square.
4. Place the butter square in the middle of the dough in a diamond shape, and wrap the dough around the butter, overlapping it to avoid the butter oozing out. You will see from my pictures that my edges are a bit rough – but don’t worry, it really doesn’t matter.

ct 7
ct 8
ct 9
ct 10
ct 11

5. Roll the dough into a rectangle, if any pieces of butter poke through just sprinkle them with flour and continue.

ct 12

6. Fold the rectangle into three as if you are folding a letter ready to be placed in an envelope.

7. Turn the dough by 90 degrees and roll and fold again so that this time you are folding it in the other direction. Keep doing this until you have turned, rolled and folded at least 5 times. If at any time the butter gets really sticky, wrap the dough in cling film and put it in the fridge for a while.

ct 15

8. When you have finished, wrap the dough in cling film and refrigerate. You can leave it for 5-6 days, the longer you leave it, the better it will be.

ct 16

Creme Patissiere for filling (the filling is not compulsory but is very nice)
1 egg separated
1 tablespoon cornflour
1 tablespoon plain flour
15 – 25g sugar (depending on how sweet you want it to be)
150ml milk
1/2 tablespoon vanilla essence

1. Separate the egg into two bowls. Add the sugar to the yolk.
2. Using an electric whisk, whisk the egg white until it is stiff and fluffy. Set this aside for later.
3. Don’t wash the whisk, go straight on to whisking the yolk and sugar until it is pale yellow and creamy smooth. Add the cornflour and flour, and a splash of the milk and whisk again.
4. Heat the remaining milk gently in a non-stick small saucepan until almost boiling.
5. While stirring, pour the milk onto the egg yolk/sugar/flour mixture, then return the whole mixture to the saucepan and heat very gently, stirring all the time to avoid sticking. Scrape every morsel from the bowl.
6. It will thicken fairly quickly, keep stirring so that it doesn’t go omeletty, and add the vanilla essence.
7. Now add half the whisked egg white (this is all you need, but you can add more if you need the custard to be looser). Fold the egg white into the custard, return to the heat and gently cook for a further 2 minutes.
8. Remove from the heat and leave to cool.

To make the twists
1. Heat the oven to approx 200-220 deg C.
2. Line a baking sheet with baking parchment.
3. Roll out the pastry into a square approx 32cm square (the exact size does not matter).
4. Now cut it vertically into strips approx 5cm wide.
5. Spread the creme patissiere (if you are using it) along the middle of the strips and scatter dark chocolate chips along the bottom half of each strip. (You will need approx half a tablespoon of chips for each twist).
6. Fold each strip in half from top to bottom, and press around the edges. Now stretch and twist each strip and place them on the baking sheet side by side.
7. Leave them in a warm place for approx an hour to expand.
8. Brush with milk or egg and bake for approx 15 minutes until golden and puffed up.
9. Sprinkle with sieved icing sugar.

ct 17

ct 1

Heng’s, Edgewater

 Heng's Asian Cuisine Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

We visited Heng’s on a recommendation from a work colleague. It’s a no frills Chinese restaurant in Edgewater, nestled in amongst the shops on Edgewater Drive.

heng 1

It was quite empty when we arrived, but soon filled up with local diners, and the phone rang non-stop for takeaway orders. We were given some very tasty prawn crackers to start.

heng 2

Our starters were prawn toasts and chicken satay. Both very flavoursome, and the prawn crackers arrived with the traditional red gloopy sweet and sour sauce.

heng 3

The satays were nicely marinated with a good curry peanut sauce.

heng 4

For mains we chose prawns with ginger and spring onion:

heng 5

Chicken with black bean and capsicum:

heng 6

Special fried rice:

heng 7

The rice had that lovely charred wok flavour, portions were generous, and the other dishes were pleasant to eat – standard Chinese restaurant fare.
I wouldn’t say the food was amazing, but if you want good, cheap Chinese food, this a reasonable local option.

Last Visit Date – April 2019

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Hampton’s, City Beach

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We came to City Beach several weeks ago and visited Clancy’s which was a nice experience, so we made a special visit last week to check the menu at Hamptons and make sure that it had several options suitable for my parents. My dad loves a steak, and they had a nice fillet on the menu so we booked for a Thursday night. It’s an impressive building in an impressive location right on City Beach with a vast inside dining area and a more casual decking area.

hamp 1

We were seated fairly close to the panoramic sea view window just before sunset, and the waitress brought table water. Another waitress took our drinks orders, and I asked for lager shandy for my parents, just one bottle of lager shared between two. Although the waitress seemed to understand what I wanted, a different waiter delivered the drinks, and they were given a full pint glass of lager shandy each! I ordered freshly squeezed orange juice, but received a juice from a bottle – it was okay, but not really what I expected.

hamp 2

We ordered some bread and crispy buttermilk chicken with chilli lime aioli to share as a starter. The chicken was plentiful, and nicely cooked with a beautiful crunchy coating. The aioli could have been plain mayonnaise – I couldn’t detect any lime, chilli or garlic.
However it was nice mayonnaise, and the bread with olive oil and balsamic was fresh and tasty. Apologies for the chicken photo – I didn’t take the picture until we had eaten half of it.

hamp 3

For mains, my dad ordered the beef fillet – medium to well done (not my preference, but he knows what he likes), my mum ordered the gold band snapper, and myself and my husband ordered the prawn and crab linguine.
When my dad’s fillet arrived it was delivered by a different waitress to the one who took the order and she stated that it was medium. Dad questioned this, and the waitress said that she would check with the kitchen, but she didn’t come back. He started to eat it and it was in fact medium, so not his preferred version, but he did enjoy it and ate it all. His only gripe was that the asparagus was very undercooked and he found it unpleasant to eat.

hamp 4
Undercooked veg seemed to be a consistent problem. My mum’s snapper was delicious and the mash was lovely, but the broccolini was almost raw and she left half of the broccolini because she couldn’t eat it. I understand that most veggies are just blanched now, but there’s a fine line between cooking them enough and leaving them almost raw. It felt as if the restaurant staff were very busy and under the pump.

The blue swimmer crab and prawn linguine came with garlic, rocket, tomatoes and chilli. The first thing that we noted was that mine was fairly dry whereas my husband’s portion had a lot of sauce, so we transferred some of his sauce to mine.

hamp 5

The rocket was dry and brittle and to be honest, I left most of it. The pasta was very nice but I did find quite a few shards of crab and prawn shell in it, which made it a bit tricky to eat. I understand that seafood can come with some shell fragments, but I found that I was picking a piece of shell out of every second mouthful. I did eat most of it, but left a pile of prawn tails, shells and fragments.
My husband had a much worse experience with his linguine. He had the same experience as me in terms of shell fragments, but towards the end of his meal, a prawn leg became lodged at the back of his mouth and he started to choke. He rushed off to the gents and was luckily able to dislodge it after retching and coughing, however it did spoil his experience of the meal. He tried another mouthful, but that mouthful had some shell in it, so he left the rest.
When the waitress collected the plates, I asked her to mention this to chef, saying that it wasn’t pleasant to have so many shell fragments and almost choke on the meal. I also mentioned the undercooked veg. When she came back, she pretty much disagreed with us !
She said that she had spoken to chef and the crab meat is ‘bought in’ as a de-shelled item, and she shrugged as if to say it’s not their fault. She then brought the dessert menus, which we decided to ignore.

When paying I told the cashier that the meal was not up to standard and she apologised but did not offer any other compensation. She asked if I wanted to speak to the manager, which I did, and although very apologetic, this is a summary of what she said:

  • you get shell when you order seafood
  • it’s not unusual to have this problem with shellfish pasta
  • the crab is bought in, so they just cook it as it comes
  • the only shell that they leave on is the prawn tails (clearly not true!)
  • we ate most of the meal
  • they have a business to run

She did apologise a lot, and after my dad pointed out that we shouldn’t pay for the linguine, she very reluctantly deducted the cost of one of them. However I could tell that she was unhappy with doing this and I felt that we were being accused of making a fuss over nothing.
Hamptons is a spectacular venue, but the chefs need to take more care with all of the dishes. If they want to charge top class prices then the food should be perfect every time whether they are busy or not. I also wondered why they were not using fresh crab – as a restaurant right next to the ocean, you would expect the fish and shellfish to be freshly prepared, not bought in and pre-packaged. I would expect fish chefs to pick over any crustacean meat to ensure that all shell is removed in the same way that fish should be filleted properly, and if the chef is filleting and preparing fresh shellfish, then they have full control of what goes into the pan. The customer experience was the worst part of the night- they were very unhappy with any criticism, and I felt that we were not important to them. I won’t return for this reason.
If they had apologised straight away and showed real concern for my husband’s experience then maybe I would give them a second chance, but tonight I left with a very bad taste in my mouth.

Last Visit Date – December 2017

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Gipsy Boy, Joondalup

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Gipsy Boy is a boutique and cafe situated on Regents Park Road in Joondalup. The staff are friendly, and the cabinet of cakes and savouries always looks appealing here.
I popped in one morning for a coffee and some fruit toast. Unfortunately they didn’t have any non-dairy spread, but they offered some jam, and I sat there quite happy with my big mug of cappuccino and my toasty treat.
The fruit toast was delightful – more fruit than bread and nicely spiced.

gipsy 1

The coffee was delicious, a good blend and well made.

gipsy 2

Gipsy Boy is well worth a visit – a nice little neighbourhood gem.

Last Visit Date – August 2019

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